If you have a website or blog, then it would be really important for you to know who are you visitors. Just would like to have the results of your work and the result are you visitors. So how would you track down your visitors, their details.
Knowing the visitors might improve your blog. The more you know your visitors the more productive and effective is your content and campaigns services are. Listed here are among the free and paid services which you can use to trackĀ  your visitors.

AwStats in Cpanel

If you are one among the blogger, the easiest and the simplest way to have statistical data of your visitors is through the Cpanel of your domain. Cpanel is a GUI interface provided to the administers to your websites and blogs. The Cpanel includes AwStats to view stats of your visitors who comes to your blog.

The AwStat includes unique visitors count, hits count, daily bandwidth count, visitors country, IP address, bot visit details, visit duration, operating system of the user, browser of the user, Came from, referral visitors and the search keywords. Yet comparatively not accurate, Awstats provides an easy access to your data.


Under Cpanel there is also feature of webalizer and analog data of your visitors been displayed. If you’re hosting provider has given you access to them, then they maybe handy tool to visitors sites on your blog or website.

Google Analytics

Several tools are launched by Google to help bloggers, one among the helpful tool is Google Analytics where users can have detailed view of their stats. To track visitors user need to integrate one java code on every page they want to track, easy thing being to keep the code in the Footer of your website which can easily track visitors on all pages of your website.

If you need comprehensive and details reports of your visitors then this is only the best free place to track your visitors.

Google Analytics displays the visitors origin, traffic source overview, content overview, daily reports, weekly reports, monthly report, browser of the user, internet connection, operating system of the user, origin of the visitors, keywords by which user visited your site through different search engines and includes lot more. The data displayed here are believed to accurate and famous bloggers suggests to have this service not just because of the brand name but due to their service.


The name looks odd but its one of the free & paid utility to display the real time stats for your website. It starts tracking your website or blog visitors within few minutes of integration of your account. It doesn’t even require registration and login to the account since the stats are live to you.

Online Visitors

It displays how many visitors are there on your website at the moment and visits in last 24 hours, who is copying what, what images have been copied and other details. You get lot more details with Pro account with whos.amung.us. The pro services by who.among.us is worth try.

Online Visitors


Statcounter.com is another simple and easy tool to track your visitors, its provides more often the same data just like Google Analytics and AwStats. They also have pro pack by which you get comprehensive analytical details of your website visitors and other tools to rank higher in search engines. Free account have limited use but I think services under free account are more than enough for bloggers.


Though Alexa provides the Site information of your website but it has one good tool Audience, which can help you to general internet population with the kind of audience to your blog? It provides comprehensive details like Age, Gender, browsing location and others details.

alexa audience tool


SiteTrafficStats does the same services to provide stats of your visitors and their count is more often the same manner as that of StatCounter.

There are lot many others websites are available which offers same services but with a different context.

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