Transcend MP3 playerTranscend Information Inc. is a company that has been associated with the production of gadgets that are quite advanced in terms of technology. The company’s products include over 2,000 memory modules of every type, flash memory cards, USB pen drives, portable HDDs, multimedia products, graphics cards and other accessories. The company’s mission is to become a customer driven company, they focus their efforts on providing the highest quality products with attentive after sales service and support, that ensures total customer satisfaction.

Recently the company has introduced a new generation of MP3 players: the T-Sonic 610™ and T-Sonic 612™. These new MP3 players have a streamlined design with some very vibrant colors and a self-luminous OLED LCD display with a 4-way joy-pad. The T-Sonic™ MP3 player supports Hi-Speed USB2.0 connectivity with super-fast read/write speeds of 3.2/2.8MB/sec. The players are quite compact measuring just 70 x 34.5 x 15.5 mm and weighing only 28 grams together with its battery. The player has a display that is 1 inche with a resolution of 128 x 64 pixels and a 2 color OLED. The player supports MP3, WMA and records in ADPCM (WAV) format. The player plays files of compressed rate of 32kbps – 320kbps and transfers/reads at 3.2 MB/sec and writes 2.8 MB/sec. The T-Sonic™ is available in 512MB and 1GB capacity models.

the following are the feature on the Transcend MP3 player:

  • FM Stereo function
  • MP3 Player supporting MP3, WMA, and WAV formats
  • Digital Voice Recorder
  • Li-ion polymer rechargeable battery (Up to 14 hours of operation).
  • Powered directly via the USB port for data transfers.
  • AB Repeat allows continuous replay of partial or full track.
  • Preset 20 FM channels allows recording from radio to a WAV file (610 model only).
  • Auto power-off after 5 or 10 minutes of idle time.
  • Self-luminous OLED display provides vibrant clear display with vivid colors making it visible from any angle.
  • Auto screen-saver conserves power when idle.

when you purchase the player you will be provided with plenty of technical information including; the playback formats, box contents, and other specifications. The information is in English and in several other languages. So why not buy this MP3 player and enjoy non stop music playback.
Transcend MP3 playerTranscend MP3 playerTranscend MP3 playerTranscend MP3 playerTranscend MP3 playerTranscend MP3 player

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