In this article we are going to teach you how to perform a complete transfer of all the Picture Photos and Videos from your Apple iPhone to Windows XP & Windows 7 based computers. The only software which officially Apple allows you to use in order to Sync your Photos, transfer or update movies, videos, contacts is the iTunes and its very easy to handle and understand the whole system but you still wont be easily finding the Photos on your computer if you are using Windows.

Also in case of Windows you don’t have to even run the iTunes software to get the Photos downloaded from your device. Since the iPhone has a Camera built in, the Windows computers would treat the device has a Digital Camera Device following which you can easily use the ‘Scanner and Camera Wizard’ to get access to the stored pictures inside it.

You have two different options to get this task done.

  • Click Start
  • Click All Programs
  • Select Accessories
  • In Windows XP – Select Scanner and Camera Wizard, In Windows 7 – Search for Scanner.

Next you will be show a window with ‘Scanners & Cameras’ along with the compatible connected devices.

Scanners Cameras

Next you need to make sure that the iPhone is listed there as an device, if not you need to click on Add Device and the application will search and scan your computer for available devices which can work as Camera or Scanner. Once you have added the Apple iPhone, next you are ready to go.

Click on My Computer Icon from your Desktop and then move towards the Portable Devices which are displayed when you connect any removable device like the iPhone, iPod, Pen Drive, External HDD etc. Here you need to right click on the iPhone [Digital Camera] and then select the option ‘Import pictures and videos’.

Import Pictures Videos

Next the application will start location for Pictures and Videos from the Internal Memory of your device.

Import Locating Pictures Videos

Next you will be asked to Tag the Pictures which is optional though. You will also find a option below showing ‘Import Settings’ where you can change the settings like Name, Location etc.

Tag Pictures Videos

Next all the Photos and video files will be transferred to your computer in the ‘C:\Users\Amit Bhawani\Pictures\’ folder location.

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