This is my review of Tribal Fusion Ads Network through which iam making decent amount of extra money. If you check out, we have listed many CPM Programs through which you can make good amount of money easily online. CPM programs are second best options after pay per click programs because you dont need to get any clicks, sales or signup’s from your visitors but you need heavy visitors on your websites to make money. I have added Tribal Fusion ads on few of my websites and have been tracking their revenue while comparing it with my other CPM options available and on an average iam making 1500$ every month through this CPM network. Under these CPM options you get paid for every 1000 Impressions which ranges from 0.5$ to 2$ CPM on an average.

Tribal Fusion LogoYou can read the Tribal Fusion Review to know more about the company, their network & what kind of ads they offer to you. Tribal Fusion has advertisers for most niche and does show ads to all the visitors from any country , though the pay rate is always dependant to the country of the visitor. If your websites receive more visitors from US/UK then you are going to get paid higher.

TribalFusion Requirements for CPM money : Signup Here
A minimum of 5,000 unique users per day.
Highly targeted, relevant and regularly updated content.
Professional site design.
An active user base.

If you can fulfill these requirements you can easily get a account with Tribal Fusion and since they dont offer any Referral option, you can directly sign up with them with the above link. Seems like they are already a very big network which is the reason they don’t need any Affiliate System to get more publishers. Since my account is still new with them, most of the ads are not filled and this is the reason most of the times you wont find ads on my blogs.

Whenever there is no Paid Ad, the ad space will collapse to blank space and you wont see any ad, unlike other CPM Companies which show some Default – Public Service Ads and fill your pages even if there are not paid advertisers along with pop up ads.

Tribal Fusion CPM Ads Reports

The above report shows the Daily Income for the ads i display on my blog and this is Net Revenue after 45% taken by the Ad Network which is still good enough because iam sure these numbers will increase slowly.

Tribal Fusion Monthly CPM Report
In the above report i have generated you can view the stats of Last 30 Days duration during which i had recieved around 5.3 Million Impressions in total out of which only 51.48% of the Ads were filled and in the balance locations there were no ads shown which means i was paid only when the ads were displayed. The CPM rate i recieved was 0.86$ with a total gross revenue of around 2400$ out of which my share was 55% ie 1316$ and the balance 45% is kept by the company, Fare Enough. Because atleast this company is very much transperant with the amount of money they make and our fixed share of revenue.

Tribal Fusion makes the payments through Checks which is the only thing for me because i would love to get paid through Paypal, and Checks take a lot of time for Delivery & Clearing. Anyway if you are looking for a good CPM Program this is one of the best recommended option. In my opinion going for CPM ads is always better because if you are going for direct ad sales you need to keep waiting for advertisers to find your website, make a deal and then pay you, but in these kind of networks you have thousands of advertisers who pay different rates but at the end of the month you are left with a good amount of money.

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