4 Ways to Increase Your Internet Broadband Connection Speed

There are many occasions when you will get into internet connection problems and will not be able to get online and handle your normal online business, this is the stage when you need to try out some of these tweaks for the respective connections. If you are using airtel 8mbps connection then you wont need these tweaks because its one of the best broadband service provider in India.

First of all check out your current broadband speed and note it down and then apply the following tweaks one by one :

  1. Reducing your Web Cache Space : You need to reduce your web cache space to the minimum because this way your browser does not need to search much in the temporary files. For this you need to do the following :
    Click Start > Click on Control Panel > Double Click on Internet Options > Click on Setting option under the Browsing History[Delete temporary files, history, cookies, saved passwords & web information].
    Internet Properties Control Panel
    Now reduce the cache size to the minimum recommended disk space which is normally 50Mb disk space. This way your internet connection speed will increase to some extent.
    Temporary Internet Files
  2. Speed Up your Web Pages by blocking multimedia & Turning off Graphics: This is a very important tweak which can help you increase your broadband speed by many times. Here are the steps :
    Click on Start > Click on Control Panel > Double Click on Internet Options > Click on Settings under Advanced Menu > Deselect some of the options which you dont need generally while browsing example removing Show pictures if you normaly use internet connection for check out your emails etc.
    Advanced Internet Options
    Generally you need to disable Images, sounds, animations etc in order to increase your internet speed because text wont take much time to load up in a slow connection.
  3. Send Bulk emails using distribution lists : If you are looking to send a email to multiple reciptants then its time for you to signup for email distributions by creating mailing lists, this way you can get your work sorted even if you are on a very slow internet connection.
  4. FasterFox Firefox AddonUse Fasterfox : A firefox Add-On which can increase your browser performance and network tweak to increase your browsing speed. The Add-on automaticaly loads up silently all the links open when there is idle bandwidth and help you to save up some loading time with a inbuilt pop-up blocker to block unwanted pop-up’s

Dont forget to read these tips for increasing your internet browsing speed by 4 times which is related to your browser settings.

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  1. It’s really good.This small tricks do more improvement

  2. you can also use c cleaner and ashampoo win optimizer

  3. Pravin Patil said is working wonderful….

  4. to increase downloading speed i hav installed DAP in my system…it increases dowloading speed of the files no doubt but if file size is large (approx 500MB) then it displays file size unknown and downloads file upto 15KB only..do anyone have solution to my problem..if so please let me know

  5. hello i have sify broadband 64 kbps speed unlimited plan
    but i dont get speed when i download ….
    only 2 kbps i have got speed when i am download the files or softwares.
    i want suggestion plzzz suggest me what to do ?

    • press “Ctrl+Alt+Del” then go to Task Manager> Process tehn selec all unnecessary running programs and then click End Process be care ful about svchost.exe, System Idle Proccess, System, explorer.exe n ur browser do not click them End Proccess.


  6. Vengat says:

    Sir, i have the bsnl broadband connection with unlimited download
    when i was downloading movies my download speed is 20 – 35 kbps,sometimes very low.But my friend use this same option of broadband but his download speed is above100kbps.So he can downloading the 700mb films in 1 or 2 hrs but i was 7 or 8 hrs.I’m surely know these mistake related to my settings.
    Pls guide me and send it to me trough email microsoftvengat@gmail.com.

  7. if u use boardband and wanna improve ur internet connection, i suggest dsl speed

  8. not useful for all web browsers, but its commercial tip i thought its useful for firefox, i wil give good suggestion to improve ur internet speed go star and open cmd and write gpedit.msc and open administrative templets and double click networks and highlet qos packet schedule than click limit reservable bandwith double click and setting enable bandwidth length 0% defenetly useful for all web browser and systems also
    all the best ur bittu

  9. or delete ur regestry key to improve ur speed

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