TwitLogoIam sure more of you are fans of the Twitter Logo and different Twitter Fail Whale Images which also includes the Twitter Bird Photos. If you want to create your own Twitter Logo type of Logo then you should check out TwitLogo which is a service where in you just need to enter your Twitter Profile name and select the advanced options to enter the size and the color of the Logo to be Generated, after which once you click on make you will get a nicely designed Logo.

TwitLogo Amit Bhawani Twitter

You can use this generated logo on your blogs or websites as a badge and link it to your Twitter Profile Page in order to promote your Twitter account and get more followers.

Here are few Images which you can use on your blogs when the Twitter Service is down or under maintainence.
Twitter Bird Button Twitter Bird Clouds Twitter Bird Tweet Twitter Bird Twitter Bird Twitter Birds Twitter Birds Twitter Down Bird Twitter Down Chill Worm Twitter Fail Whale Twitter Icon Twitter Logo Twitter Logo

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