Apple iPad has been launched and is already the News Pulse of the Planet right now because today is the day when the iPad is launched in the Public and everyone who had pre-ordered the Apple iPad would get the delivery today. Everything looks perfect in the iPad except the On-Screen Virtual Keyboard which seems to be a little hard for starters, hence its recommended to download the Tap Typing App which is a Typing Tutor for your ipad device.

Typing Tutor Apple iPad App

Learn how to type on your iPad – The iPad’s virtual keyboard requires a new way of typing. Get past the learning curve with TapTyping and focus on what matters.
* From Beginner to Advanced lessons
* Metrics to track performance
* Type your Twitter feed

TapTyping has a comprehensive curriculum with courses ranging from Beginner, focusing on the A through Z keys; to Advanced focusing on tough patterns, symbols, and numbers. Every key you press is tracked to the millisecond to provide precise feedback. You can observe your progress and spot your weaknesses so that you can re-take lessons and hone your skills. Entertaining and fresh content will keep you coming back. Type out choice excerpts from U.S. history, follow Alice down the rabbit hole, or type the tweets in your own Twitter feed.

After just a few Beginner lessons you will become a much better iPad typist. Intermediate and Advanced courses shall turn you into a iPad typing ninja.

TapTyping 1.0 offers the following courses:
– Beginner: Learn to quickly reach the primary keys (a-z)
– Intermediate: Capitalization, punctuation, numbers
– Advanced: difficult tapping patterns, complicated sentences, and symbols
– Special courses: Gettysburg Address, Spammy Goodness, and Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland (chapters 1 & 2)
– Twitter: type your Twitter feed to get something new every day

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Typing Tutor Apple iPad App Typing Tutor Apple iPad App Typing Tutor Apple iPad App Typing Tutor Apple iPad App

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