Installing a paid Antivirus Software on your computer is very important because it helps you to stay secure and offers you to access tension free browsing and computing. You can easily transfer files between the portable drives and your computer while in the background the Norton Internet Security software application which comes with the Anti-virus suite scans every file for any virus and reports you back. There are hundreds of free antivirus softwares available online, but its important that you choose to download these from reputed sources since most of these can turn out to be Fake Antivirus Softwares.

In order to uninstall a software you need to access the Add/Remove Programs but in case of Antivirus software’s you need to proceed with different steps because there are chances that even after a complete removal there would be a lot of files left on your computer which are not required and should be removed. Along with this there are chances that the time where in you uninstall one antivirus and install another one, there can be a virus attack hence you need to stay offline and perform this to reduce the amount of risks.

Prepare Uninstall Norton Symantec

To get started you need to download a copy of the ‘Norton Removal Tool’ from the website and then proceed with the products selection. Norton supports this tool only for products which were released in 2003 or later. The list of products which are compatible are

  • Norton 360 Version 4.0
  • Norton 360 Version 3.0
  • Norton Security Suite
  • Norton 2006 product or later version
  • Norton SystemWorks 12.0
  • Norton 2003 product or later
  • Norton Ghost or Norton Save & Restore
  • pcAnywhere or WinFax

Uninstall Preference Norton

If the product you have is not any of the one listed above you need to proceed towards the manual uninstallation and removal method. To get start click on Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs [In case of Windows XP – Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Programs and Features > Uninstall or change a program]. This page displays all the software applications which are installed on your computer. Here in you need to search for the Norton or Symantec software and click on the Change > Remove All button.

Uninstall Norton Software

Now the software uninstallation procedure would be initiated along with ‘Uninstall Preference’ window asking you with two different options :

  • I plan to reinstall a Norton Product in the future, please leave my settings behind – This would remove the Norton Product but keep all the settings, preferences and passwords you had earlier set for Norton Identity Safe, Norton Antispam and parental controls.
  • Please Remove all user data including my stored passwords and quarantine content – This option will allow you to always install another Norton product but that would mean a fresh installation and you need to create new settings and preferences for some features.

CCleaner Remove Temporary FilesOnce this is done, you will be asked to restart the computer because the software will have to remove all the boot scan and other startup settings, which once done would almost remove the software. Still if you want to fully remove everything else you need to search for all the other files. Click on Start > Search > All Files and Folders > Search Results on the Computer and find for all the left over files and folders which were created by Norton. Once this is done all the visible stuff would be completely removed and the final stuff would be removing the temporary files and the Registry keys which were added by the application.

Use a freeware application like CCleaner which would remove all the useless files and speed up pc by also deleting the invalid entries. Just select the registry option, scan all the entries and then delete these. This would make sure that your computer is completely free of the Norton Applications.

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