The whole world now loves to work online and get all the information from their laptops itself, because its cost effective, saves time and gives you researched stuff. Example : If you are looking to buy a Magazine, you don’t need to visit a local book store and ask the store owner for his recommendations of the best paid magazines because you can just Google for the Magazine Name and get hundreds of reviews from different magazine readers who have already purchased it. Based on this you get better idea and a better opinions on what you should be buying, what you should subscribe to etc.

Anyway, back to the point why i feel India is far behind than other Eastern Countries because of many reasons and this article is especially on why we are behind them and few examples with opportunities. While we review different cars and bikes at our auto blog i have come through many websites of these auto companies and have reviewed their stuff. Some of the best cars in India include Hyundai i10, i20, i30, i40, Skoda Superb, Honda Jazz, Xylo etc but if you just checkout the websites of these auto companies they have some of the following :

A Flash Based Welcome Page
Few Photos of the Car’s Exterior & Interior
Models Road Price in Metro Cities
Contact Information of the Company

These are the few stuff which are normally available in most Auto Related Websites in India but they dont features most things which US based websites offer. While reviewing the Mini Cooper Cars , i had visited their website at and when you visit it iam sure you will be amazed with the information and stuff available there.

Build Mini Cooper

Build Mini Cooper

The website is not only offering a flash based real life quality demo of their models but also offers you with a Online Store. You can directly book a car online and get it delivered at your home, something like you shop for clothes or books online, do you really think this is possible in India? Not atleast for now, which is why i claim that India is behind other Countries. The websites offer you with 1,00,00,000+ combinations which you build a car where you can in detail review the specs, accessories, colours, power options, variations and what kind of products can be added to your car. Did you ever dream of buying a Car Online based on your own selected configurations and making full payment or part payments in EMI through your Online Bank Accounts or Credit Cards?

Yes if these are websites run by Eastern Countries then anything is possible because its not India. I really hope that the Indian Companies invest more in better websites with excellent features rather than those 5-10 pages websites.

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