Value of .com .net & .org TLD Search Engine Rankings Factors

Paramjeet Singh asked a Question : Iam planning to buy 1 domain but its already taken at .com, so if i buy at .net or .org extention,will it effect S.E rankings ? $6.95 .com Sale 120x90
If you find that the .com domain name you are looking to register is already register and you have a option to select any other tld ie .net, .org, .info or .us. I would recommend you to read these points before registering a .org or .net domain name.

1. .info is one of the cheapest tld which is generally offered for less than 2$ and this is the very reason spammers register .info to spam or create websites with no real business and just make some mfa websites. .info was original started as information related tld but you cannot find any real good websites based on this tld except some one word info domain names which were sold for high price and were used seriously by domain name owners.

2. .us domain name tld is targetted to US and this is the reason most people would not interest to visit your website thinking it to be specifically related to US related information or products. There are also some other factors like remembering this domain name tld is kind of hard.

3. .org stands for organization and this is one very reason why generally people would think the website to be a recognized and presume the site to be legit in terms of everything, you can find every charity related organization having a website on .org tld and generally .org is considered as a excellent tld in search engine rankings.

4. .net has no special effects in search engine rankings nor any other weightage in terms of branding etc, but its just another excellent replacement to .com tld whenever its not available.

5. You should try to register another domain name if the desired name is not available with the .com tld because most web users have a habit of hitting Ctrl+Enter after typing the domain name and this makes then visit the .com version even though your site is hosted at another .tld other than .com , this makes you lose a lot of traffic.

6. Branding is very important factor when you are really serious about your business and you cannot brand a website which is a .info/.net tld because most clients/visitors expect the business to own the .com version.

7. Always register all the other .tld versions of your desired .com domain name in order to make sure any of your competitor does not register them and try to harm your business, you can always register the other Tld and redirect them to the main .com website to make sure you dont lose any traffic.

8. Search Engines dont generally presume your websites rankings based on Tld and you can make a website rank in the top if you go with the search engine rules. There is no special weightage given to any tld like rumours say about .edu domain names but that was something 3 years back and now the search engine algorithms have changed and any domain name would rank if you do the right SEO steps.

9. Make sure you just dont part you domain name and setup a theme based 5 pages website in order to make sure the website ranks easily in the future.

Hope the above steps help you in selecting the best Tld for your next domain name registration!

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  1. Sagar Gholap says:

    I liked the 5th point as I also have the same habit and so I always go for .com version while registering a domain name.
    One of the most important fact about .com is that my people who don’t use internet much and when we tell them name of a site they expect it to be a .com.
    This happened with me and my uncle and so I thought it would be useful here..:)

  2. I want buy a domain name, but com is allready taken. How do you think can be succesfull??/

  3. Thanks for listing these! I kinda figured it was the same. there are also .gov which is only avialable for government organizations. I think they’re also starting a .xx for adult based websites.

    Something you could do – which will make your website memorable – is have the tld part of the name. An example: – the tld is .me, but the sentence “Review Me” is the domain name. Sometimes this is possible, and if it is, then you should get that instead of a .com – its easier to remember :D

  4. How about the weightage for lesser popular tlds like .me .do, I am planning to register a domain in both of these TLDs.

    Please Advise.. :)

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