MySpace one of the popular Social Networking allows you to create a profile and get connected with your friends along with a lot of extra features like power profiles, adding images in your galleries, listing your favourite songs on your profile pages etc. Now if you want to hide your personal photos from everyone , except your added friends you have the option of Private Profiles. This can help you to keep those lurkers away from your account , but if you are on the other side and are looking for viewing the profile of someone else who is not your friend.

MySpace Social NetworkingYou can call it a SPY job or may be its a wrong act because what you are planning to do is something is against the other persons consent and you should generally not do that , but when the technology offers this why not give a try isnt it?

MySpace Private Profiles

Check out Myspace Private Profile Viewer which requires you to run Microsoft Installer Package and is a standalone application. Using this application you can view any of your friends profile and check out all their private information other than their password.

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