Many of you are already using internet connection on your laptops using wireless data cards and mobile phones. Currently there are many providers in the market like Bsnl Data Card, Tata Plug2Surf, Reliance NetConnect etc out of which BSNL is known to give the highest speed at the best prices.

Vodafone USB StickVodafone Mobile Connect USB Stick does look sleep along with a cool pen drive shape and connection through the Vodafone EDGE network which means that this is a high-speed internet connection. You dont need a CD to install this device because its a total plug & play product.

Unlike other Data Card based internet services, this is something different because in this case you will need a Vodafone SIM card to connect to the internet and this SIM card you need to insert into the USB Stick.

Vodafone USB Stick Install

Once you insert the Vodafone SIM card in this USB Stick you need to connect it to your PC or Laptop for connecting to the internet. The USB Stick is indentified and it will start working instantly, connecting to the web using your Sim Card.

Vodafone USB Stick Insert into PC

Pricing :
The USB Stick Device seems to be a bit overpriced at 2999Rs, but the internet is charged on a monthly rental based on the data downloaded. There are two plans ie 499Rs & 699Rs Plan.
499Rs Plan – 500Mb Free Data Usage + 5p/10KB Usage Charges
699Rs Plan – 1Gb Free Data Usage + 5p/10KB Usage Charges

This device is handy for people who want to use internet once in a while just for checking emails or chatting with friends using Instant Messengers occasionally. Check out with your nearest Vodafone Store for more details and for buying it.

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