How to Watch 18+ year restricted Videos in Youtube

Youtube LogoYoutube being the world’s largest video sharing site, it has its own policies to reserve the rights of many policies. Youtube has videos of all types and so it has viewers of all age group. In this the basic content filter comes is restricting young people to view adult content which requires at least 18 years to view it.

When you try to watch some hot and explicit videos you could face a message warning ‘the video is inappropriate for some users as its flagged by Youtube’. This means that this videos is strictly for the people have a minimum of 18 years of age and you must have a Youtube account accessible by Google Account.Youtube video

In this example I have taken the following restricted video : Such videos may contain inappropriate content for user and is flagged by Youtube officials. So now would an individual watch this video who is under 18 or by mistake at the time of creation of account he has provided wrong date of birth details. Yes, they can still watch this video by following the steps mentioned below-

1. To get started copy the sequence of numbers and words embedded in the video URL. In this case here is the code to copy : mw4hOh6Ba2M

2. Now add the code within this Youtube link : here ?fs=1&amp.

3. So now the new video link will be

4. Copy paste the link in your browser and hit enter to watch it completely free in full screen with no ads.

5. Done and now you can watch any video with age restrictions.

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  1. This is awesome share. never expected that we can watch 18+ videos in youtube because of their restrictions.

  2. I am over 18 but I am too lazy to create YouTube account just for watching this type of videos. So thanks for the trick!

  3. Anonymous says:

    i tried but it didnt work :(

  4. I tried like FIVE TIMES.
    It didn’t work :(

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