Everyone would be aware of what Tatkal ticket means in Indian Railways because Indian Railways is the monopoly rail transport run by Indian government. For those who don’t know what is Tatkal Ticket in Indian Railways then this would be helpful.indian railways

What is Tatkal Ticket?

Tatkal quota is a reserved quote as introduced by Indian Railways in which some of seats of a train journey is booked for the emergency travelers but with a premium fee towards the ticket. Like if you have a sudden plan of going to a place tomorrow or day after then you can book tatkal ticket and get secured seats provided the train is full as per normal reservation.

How and where to book Tatkal Tickets?

Tatkal tickets can be booked from any of the Indian Railways recognized Computerized Reservation counters. Tatkal tickets can also be booked through e-ticket facility at IRCTC or through other agent booking like Cleartrip or makemytrip. Tatkal tickets booking starts three days in advance from the commencement of the train journey (including the journey date).

For Example: If today is May 1 and the train starts on May 4 at Bangaluru (your boarding station is Secunderabad) you can book the tickets since its exactly three days as its starts from starting station.

Tatkal booking are allowed in all classes except the First AC class. Please note that waitlist and RAC (Reservation against cancellation) applies in Tatkal tickets too. No concession is allowed is Tatkal booking and you cann’t modify anything once the Tatkal ticket is booked. Tatkal I ticket booking is not possible through IRCTC.

Tatkal tickets are meant for emergency help to the travelers. However there is no confirmation to anyone except the Indian Railways authorities on how many percentages of tickets are reserved under Tatkal quota. Tatkal tickets contributes largely to the profits of Indian Railways since its charged with a premium fees.

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