Santa Claus Tracker

Santa Claus Tracker

Every Kid wakes up on the Christmas Eve for their special Christmas Gift and also with a feeling that they would get a glimpse of Santa Claus. Hence they keep asking to their parents – Where is Santa Claus right now? and How to Track Santa? with the parents left confused because they cannot lie nor give a correct answer. Now they dont have to worry because there are Online websites which can help you track down.

First of all is which is a website built by Google in collabration with the US North American Aerospace Defense Command allowing you to track Santa Claus from your PC, Mobile Phone or even Twitter. The website is currently down and would be up on December 1st and the tracking starts at 6:00 Am on Christmas Eve. The radar will show Santa Claus & his reindeer leave the North Pole from the North Pole towards the whole world delivering presents.

Another website called as also offers you with similar information but cannot be counted as a legit source. It gives you the Current Location along with the Latitude & Longitude Position on the Earth and when Santa moves around the Globe you would get a feeling that you are also travelling along with him. There are many other useful information on the website which includes Christmas Songs, Gift Ideas etc.

There are many other websites like SantaSpeaking, SantaRadar as referred by other websites but i didn’t find any working tools on their websites, which is why they were not reviewed and published here. If you do find any useful tools which can help in tracking then feel free to add them using the comments form.

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