Mobile phones have almost always been fighting two sided battles from several years. At first it was the between Pocket PC/Windows Mobile vs. Palm. Then it was Windows Mobile vs. Blackberry (although that one’s still raging). Then it was everyone vs. the mighty iPhone. We’ve had CDMA lonely battling it out itself with GSM technology and the list goes endless. The next battle, for your future mobile communications heart and mind will be between two new technologies LTE and WiMax.

LTE, (Long Term Evolution), is the likely successor of the mobile communications network. LTE is an official standard which is just little short of nothing but 4G communication standards which are found by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). First LTE was implemented in late 2009 in Oslo & Stockholm. Unlike the fastest 3G network, LTE peaks a theoretical maximum of 42Mbps and boosts the same to 50MBps upstream & 100Mbps downstream.

WiMax is from the family of Wireless Broadband which is based on IEEEs 802.16. Unlike Long Term Evolution (LTE), which is pitched as a cellular service with very huge footprint coverage, WiMax was originally intended to act as a backhaul or last mile communication technology. For example, in Bahrain is deployed as an alternative to cable or ADSL. Currently, WiMax specifications allows for a maximum speed of 40Mbps but is expected to clock 1GB in its future release.

Now, we started this discussion with the comparison of LTE and WiMax technologies. The reality is that while they might be competitors in some situations, but they can be complementary technologies, just like GSM and CDMA. When LTE begins to become more prevalent I expect to see it integrated into mobile phone cellular technology too, smart phones, notebooks and notebooks – the same sorts of devices that currently have integrated 3G. WiMax might be very effective in places where the deployment of ADSL and other other broadband internet connectivity options aren’t practicable.

So at the end of the day, each technology has its own advantages and disadvantages be it Lte or WiMax.

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