Windows 7 LogoNow don’t get me wrong, I personally think that Win 7 is just about Microsoft’s best OS; it ranks right up at the top of the list with Windows XP and Windows 98, two operating systems that stood the test of time and made people wonder how the same company could churn out a horror like Vista. But the problem with Windows 7 for the ordinary computer user is that:

  • You find more than a few drivers missing: Not all your programs and external devices continue to work seamlessly because Windows 7 demands a different set of drivers for them. So yes, I did find it annoying that the OS refused to acknowledge my trusty HP printer and scanner and that I had to waste time downloading a compatible driver after running a search on the web.
  • You have problems when trying to upgrade: Now I was lucky enough to get to do a clean install with a DVD, but most of my friends who upgraded from Vista complained about issues like the installation hanging midway through the process and how they were unable to resolve the problem without qualified tech support. While they were pacified after the saw how much of an improvement Windows 7 was over the dreadful Vista, the issue still did not bode well for a brand new OS. But apparently, the problem was due to the third party distributor who was offering the free upgrade than any fault on Microsoft’s side, so it’s not the OS that’s buggy, just the upgrade interface.
  • Your home-screen options are limited: I like to personalize my computer with pictures of my family; sometimes I prefer a plain black background because the icons are sharper and clearer when there is no clutter behind them. Yes, you do have the option of setting up a slideshow of your own pictures in the background, but whatever happened to putting up one favorite picture in the simplest way possible? But Windows 7 offers only a few themes, and while the Aero option is cool, I still prefer the simplicity of Windows 98 where you could customize your desktop according to your preference.

But seriously folks, in spite of these minor drawbacks (which are fixable in a short time), I think Windows 7 is an OS that offers a fabulous experience, whether you’re just using your computer, or going online to browse the web.

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