Windows Media Player 12 is not officially available but you can download it as a beta version to get the preview of all its upcoming features. The Player 12 version would be offered as a combo in Windows 7 Operating System. You can also download the Windows Media Player 12 skins for Windows Vista & Windows XP if you want to get the same looks on your OS without installing the beta version.

Windows media Player 12 Download

Download Windows Media Player 12

This version of WMP is quite better than the version 11 because there are many changes made to the buttons and navigation. The player comes with two different player modes called as ‘Playing View’ & ‘Library View’. Library view contains all the library manipulation features that should be familiar from WMP11. Now Playing view contains the current playlist, visualizations, and videos. After making some searches i found that there was a download link available online, you can try it out and check out the players features.

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