Windows Phone 7 LogoIt has been almost ten months or more since the announcement of Windows Phone 7 in Barcelona last year. Microsoft has tried a lot in this new mobile platform ranging from smart apps to bringing whole desktop merged inside your phone. Since Smartphones always use high-end applications simultaneously running for hours there is one thing is the most affected, that is the battery life of your phone. The Battery life of the phones has always been a bit worry. But this time the Windows Phone 7 platform from Microsoft has a lot to save your valuable battery backup. Here are some of the tips which one should follow in order to lower the battery consumption of your phone.

Changing your User Interface Colour
In Windows Phone 7 platform phones once can change their User Interface colour as they require. It is always advisable for you to change it to black or to a dark background. Changing it to black always saves a lot amount of power load from your phone’s battery and you can do this very on your Windows Phone 7 phones.

Avoid Multitasking on your Smartphones
It is never advisable to multitask your phones always. Windows Phone7 has a special feature which automatically saves your battery power during calls pickup when you are enjoying your favourite apps. For example when any call is received on your Windows Phone 7 while you are enjoying Facebook online then the phone will automatically suspend this application and after you have completed your phone calls it automatically resumes your application from where you have left.

Changing the Email Retrieval Settings
Email retrieval settings are the settings from which you can customize your email retrieval period in Windows Phone 7 phones. This push email facility which most of the Smartphone has consumes good amount of power so try to customize this email retrieval period in your Windows Phone 7 settings in order to lower your battery consumptions.

Disabling your Automatic Data Connection feature
Windows Phone 7 platform phones has a very unique feature like the phone automatically connects and synchronises with you computer when it comes in its reach. This facility of Windows Phone 7 consumes lot of power and it is always advisable to turn this feature off until you need it to do so.

Switching off your WiFi connection
Always try to disable your WiFi connection when you are not in the range of any of the secured network connection of yours. Keeping your Windows Phone 7 phone always in on condition can add extra load on your phones battery. So always try to check your WiFi settings of your phone in order to run you phone’s battery longer.

Reduce your Screen Brightness
Try to adjust your screen brightness slightly lower in order to greatly increase your Smartphone battery backup. In Windows Phone 7 you can greatly increase your battery backup capacity by lower your screen brightness.

Turning Off the Apps
Always try to avoid using such Apps which constantly uses the network to update the data. These Apps unknowingly consumes lots of your Smartphones battery power. Like the weather app which constantly uses the network to connect and update its data to show the current weather updates for you, if you really do not need such apps then try not to use them anymore.

Turning off the GPS Positioning Service
Try to switch off the GPS Positioning Service of your Windows Phone 7 phones. This Positioning Service provides you with your correct location and time information wherever you are present on earth This Positioning service consumes lot of battery power as it needs to update its data most of the times once you change your position. So always try to switch this service off you do not need it.

Synchronise music and picture on your Desktop
Always try to synchronize your music and picture to your desktop or laptop which you use most commonly. This will help you in playing music even during poor connection of your network. This will be light for your Windows Phone 7 phone battery. Always try to avoid synchronizing such music which require longer period of streaming.

Configure to shorter Screen Time-out duration
Always try to configure your Windows Phone 7 phones to shorter screen time-out duration which leads the phone to locks itself. Simply the more time the screen is on the more it will eat up your phone’s battery. So try to keep the screen time-out duration as low as possible to save more amount of power.

We have also created a video on this topics which give you a real demonstration on the above mentioned tips.

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