10 Tips to Make Windows XP Run Faster

When Windows XP was launched, there were a lot of reliability and sometimes stability issues. With the launch of Service pack 2 Windows XP became a legend and Service Pack 3 has further bolstered its prominence.

Not all is well with this operating system; you would have noticed that when you initially bought this operating system it was much faster, in due course it would have become slower. The main problem is unwanted registry accumulation and fragmentation. Let us look into the ten tips which would always keep your XP fit and healthy.

Tip 1:
One of the biggest nuisances is windows startup time. When you install some new programs, they themselves change the registry and when windows load after you switch it on, they too get loaded. You can notice that when you switch on your windows after every re-start. These programs are unnecessary to be loaded at start-up. And they increase the start-up time of windows. Click the Start button, go to Run, Type msconfig, go to startup and disable all the unnecessary programs. Restart and you would notice a marked rise in the windows startup time.

Tip 2:
Windows take a lot of time when you use the resource hungry XP menu, Right click the start button and go to properties. In properties, go to start menu and switch to the classic menu. You can see a faster response time.

Tip 3:
When you want to remove any unwanted programs, you would click the Add/Remove icon in the control panel. You need to wait for a lengthy period of time as it is the most annoying feature of XP. Get a tool like cleaner, it is free and you can easily remove the unwanted programs.

Tip 4:
When you uninstall a program, not every file associated with it gets uninstalled. One of the best known culprits is the registry entry. Your registry gets bloated in course of time. A trim registry would give you a healthy XP. Try Uniblue registry cleaner, it is worth buying as it creases the reliability of your PC.

Tip 5:
Sometimes, you would want to terminate a program and you would have pressed the Ctrl-Alt-Del buttons simultaneously. You would click Task Manager and in it, you will click processes and end the unwanted program. But the response time would be slow. A registry tweak is vital. Go to Run, type Regedit.exe and go to this location HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\ and change this time to kill value to 1000.

Tip 6:
Go to control panel, click system icon and go to the advanced option. In performance option, change the visual effects to best performance. You will notice a marked level in the performance of the system.

Tip 7:
Windows XP by default searches for network folders and printers when you click My Computer. No wonder it loads slowly. Go to Tools, click Folder Options and in view uncheck ‘Automatically search for network folders and printers”

Tip 8:
Go to Run. Type prefetch, a window would open. Select everything in the window and delete it. Windows has this nasty habit of saving all the programs opened and it uses the prefetch option to load it again faster. But it slows down the system. Use it frequently to improve your system performance.

Tip 9:
Defragment your system at regular intervals. Use IObit smart defragmenter, it is a freeware and improves your system performance.

Tip 10:
Get a better browser like Firefox or Opera. As the fate of a browser and operating system are coupled. A weak browser like IE would definitely hurt your XP. Moreover, more hackers target IE. Be on the safer side, by opting for a browser other than IE.

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  1. Thats a nice collection of tips amit, a few more softwares like CCleaner can also automate few steps of keeping the system clean.Does prefetch make the application faster or slower?? as the prefetch increases the booting time of the OS also increases.

  2. N.Santhosh kumar says:

    very good.

  3. Very good! I own a blog dedicated to Windows XP tutorials like this and I didn’t yet know Tip #5! A small suggestion to you: use a little more links… It’s very inconvenient for visitors to search for every little bit or software and tips you talk about here.


  4. I am an amature ‘Computerist’ for about 12 years. Always wanted to find such a good, effective and simple advice to make Win XP work as fast and without frills Win 98. Superb TIPS.
    Heartfelt thanks.

  5. Aby_dude11 says:

    Nice job dude ….!!!

    keep it up..

  6. thank u for this tips but i want more tips

  7. Raman Jaiswal says:

    Very useful tips Mr Amit…U hace anew addition in your fan club

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