Kinect SportsIn an age where we rarely play any sorts of outdoor games, hardly there is any exercise to our body, isn’t it? So, let’s take a step ahead and look at the various available options in the Xbox kinect which pledges to recreate the outdoor like playing experience right in your living room. All you will be need to buy is an Xbox along with a Kinect which will solve your purpose for replacing the outdoor games. Do check out our suggestions on Kinect Action Games, Kinect Fitness & Workout Games, Kinect Sports Games, Kinect Games for Kids, Kinect Dance Games.

Brunswick Pro BowlingBrunswick Pro Bowling

Trust me, if you have played Bowling then you would surely want to play again and again, but since there are hardly any bowling cafes available in cities and almost close to none in small towns, you would surely love to play bowling more and more which can be possible by this game which is called as the Brunswick pro bowling which actually recreates the true bowling experience right in your Living room. With multiple player support, you can easily play along with all your friends. This game costs 50$.

Game party In MotionGame Party: In Motion

Though motion gaming is already in place for mobile phones, you now no longer need to wait for the same to arrive on your Xbox as with the arrival of Kinect, this becomes a reality with this game which is called as Game Party. Just throw a football at moving targets as you dodge an oncoming rusher, toss ringers in a game of horseshoes, throw darts, play a two-handed racket sport game, shoot some hoops, and much, much more. This game costs 35$.

MotionsportsMotion Sports: Play for Real

Now, one has to accept that with this game you can truly be inside your large screen television as it gives a real feel and experience of the game. Just catch hold of your friends and bring it on to play with them, as with awesome 40 sports challenges you can choose from the one which you want. Sounds exciting right, adding to this, you will be happy to hear that this game comes with controller free. This game costs 40$.

Deca SportsDeca Sports Freedom:

Now, this one is my personal favorite, from tennis to boxing to archery to paintball to beach volleyball to many other games like Dodge Ball, Kendo, Mogul Skiing, Snowboard Cross, and even Figure Skating you can play every single game without the need of controller and also the main benefit of this game is that you get a complete set of package games in just one disk title which is packed in the Deca sports freedom. This game costs 38$.

Kinect SportsKinect Sports

With the arrival of Kinect Sensor, you would not love to handle all the controllers and buttons, as Kinect Sports perfectly does this as you can play six full on sports games ranging from table tennis to soccer to bowling to volleyball, boxing and weight lifting which will give you the perfect outdoor like experience with some exercise. So, get the friends on to experience the kinect sports in a free style way as now you will no longer be making the use of controllers to play this game. This game costs 45$.

Adrenalin MisfitAdrenalin Misfits

With 7 unbelievable fantasy worlds and with exciting set of boarding battles in amazing environments, you are sure to make the most out of your Kinect and also with the Kinect sensor in place, you can easily move your body just like the controller as the camera reads all your motions which then are converted them into the character actions on screen, so it not just becomes the race but a battle.

Please note that all the above prices which are mentioned in the above article are indicative and may vary from different mediums.

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