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Amit Bhawani Profile PhotoMy name is Amit Bhawani and I am the chief blogger at Amit Bhawani Blog and where I like to share my internet/tech experience with my online readers on this website. I have been a webmaster since 2004 which is when I had registered my first company by the name Digital World Solutions. I have ventured into different online businesses like offering SEO Services, website development services, web hosting & business consultation.

I started this blog in April 2007 though I had started blogging in the year 2005 by writing on multiple blogs eventually they didn’t succeed, I then started working seriously on this blog though it got hit by Google Panda around 2009.

How it Started:
I started my online ventures in the year 2004 and now after 3 years, I have a good reach especially among bloggers who would like to follow my passion and also consumers who would like to know my opinion on their next purchase. All of this started in the year 2004 when i was searching for the ‘Google Cash Junction Scam’ which was an online making money CD which i purchased after seeing an advert in a local newspaper, which mentioned that you can make ‘Easy money with Google!’. I was quite surprised by this and started searching on the net regarding this company and their testimonials to know more if this was really true.

After giving some quick searches i came through some big internet discussion boards which were related to webmasters, and after researching more i started learning more & more about this field. It started increasing my interest and i slowly started building websites though i had no programming knowledge other than HTML. After a couple of weeks of research and part-time services jobs like forum posting, submission jobs, etc i gathered some money to buy a couple of domain and web hosting accounts and got really serious in my online journey because i didn’t want to invest my offline money into this.

Almost after a year, i became one of the best search engine optimizers in India and i started offering SEO services to my clients all over the world, which was possible because of the high rankings of my websites in the search engines. The search engine algorithms kept changing and i kept myself updated with this SEO stuff. Today it is around 3 years and i run 3 huge blogs which receive lakhs of visitors every month out of which i make a good amount of money. I don’t like to disclose my income figure because there is no point in it and i just want to help you out in making money the way i do and make sure i can help every one of you with easy tutorials and tips.

My Hobbies :
I pass my time surfing the web searching for different exciting things and watching a lot of movies, including Hollywood & Bollywood movies. I’m a great fan of photography but i don’t get the time to learn it and become a professional photographer but still, i try to take some decent snaps using my Canon G9 camera (One of my first Cameras). I also love to travel and i either keep attending different events & seminars or go for small holidays regularly and have a plan to go on a World Tour before 2010, lets hope i get the time for the same.

My Profession:
I’m a full-time webmaster who has a team of content writers who’ll manage our websites and blogs, we always make certain to keep them updated and help our patrons conquer the best results. I currently own 3 companies –

  • Digital World Solutions – This deals with website development, designing, and management.
  • The Seo World – A Seo Company which offers different SEO Services ranging from Link Building to Complete Website Ranking.
  • HostBrains Software Private Limited – This deals with website hosting & domain name registrations. (Closed Now)

What i offer : (No More)

  1. Website Designing Services
  2. Web Hosting Services
  3. Content Writing Services
  4. Blog Building and Management Services
  5. Search Engine Optimization Services
  6. Relationship Advice
  7. Blog Consulting Services

The Contents of this post was last updated on February 28, 2010.


  1. Hi Amit,

    Im Praveen and looking for a CMS for my business.
    Please share across your contact details so that i can speak with you.

    Thanks & Regards

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