Free 125 USD Yahoo Sponsored Search Coupon

In order to advertise in Google search engine and their partner network you need to signup with adwords and advertise there , in the same way if you are looking for advertising on search , and their partner network then you need to signup for yahoo sponsered search and get started for free using this special 125$ Coupon.

Yahoo Search Free CouponYou can try out promoting the best affiliate programs available on the internet or start promoting the products you found via commission junction and all these things for FREE! Yahoo has recently started a new coupon which offers 125$ once you signup and start advertising after verifying your account. Once the free credit is completed you can add your credit card and continue your advertising promoting your own websites or affiliate programs.

I would suggest you to signup now , complete the registration and start promoting the web hosting companies using this free coupon with a 25 cents/click advertising costs which means you get a minimum of 500 targetted visitors and start promoting the web hosting affiliates, where in if you expect a minimum of 2% signup’s you can get around 500 X 2% = 10 Web hosting clients which can pay you a minimum of 1000$ commissions via commission junction.

There are many other affiliate programs which pay depending on the niche you select and pay from 50$ to 300$ per sale, so try to monetise this 100% free coupon and make a minimum of 1000$ from it. Let me know if you find any problem signing up this coupon.

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  1. Ajanthan says:

    125 Search Engine Marketting Credit Free ? or?

  2. Amit Bhawani says:

    @ Ajanthan : its free credit amount which you can use to advertise on yahoo sponsored ad pages. You need to signup using a credit card.

  3. jitendra says:

    how can i make $30.tell me about

  4. Preetam Purbia says:

    gr8 information

    you may include
    it is also a good site for indian publishers

  5. adsense hustler says:

    its only free $30 with $30 deposit.. where is $125?

  6. Balaji J H says:

    I think this 125$ needs initially some amount of money to startup
    what’s the advantage for them if they give it free 125$
    they have some other trick or else we want to continue using this minimum for some months…

  7. Mike St. Louis says:

    Can you publish the code i already signed up for a account and they dont
    have my code and now they are asjing
    me for a code that i dont have and cant find.
    thanks i just want my clicks and this will be worth it
    if you cant post it please email it to me.


  8. Hi Amit,
    was nice reading your post..
    Please can u help me out by posting affiliate link for site.

  9. I am trying to get the code for the 125$ Yahoo coupon

  10. Sentry Safe says:

    Unfortunately, these codes no longer work. Do you have any other codes to share?

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