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Apple Inc’s head, Steve Jobs had announced his goal of 10 million iphone sales and there are many chances that Iphone will be released in India this year end though we have not recieved any confirmed information.

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Apple Iphone Amit Already the $499 priced iPhone is dropped to a pricing of $229.85 which is almost 55% Drop from the regular pricing and the same change has been made in the 8Gb model of iphone where in the price has been dropped from $599 to $264.85. Lets see what pricing would be fixed when iphones would be sold in india and will they be unlocked version is another big question, though you can read this tutorial on how to unlock apple iphone and get started using the sexy gadget.

Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Retail was the first company to negotiate with apple regarding the sale of iphones in india but now seems the deal is offered to Noida-based HCL Infosystems and Bangalore-based Wipro Technologies according to sources which are also not yet confirmed, but if the deal is confirmed then we can expect Apple to enter the indian telecom market and give the leading cellular company “Nokia” a very big shock in terms of sales and promotions. My next phone after losing my Nokia N95 would be a Apple iphone but i think i need to wait for a couple fortnights before its officially launched in india and its better to wait for that rather than getting it from Gery mobile phone market which has no guarantee.

The best part of Apple is that their stores are excellently designed and have a unique ambience which is the only reason apple is still waiting for some company which can offer these kind of store during collabrations. Currently the apple iphones are available in india in grey market at the cost of 18000Rs to 20000Rs ie 450-500USD. Also dont forget to select the best answer from the above poll to reflect your opinion regarding the Apple iphone.

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  1. Hi,

    I am going 2 US want 2 purchase Iphone 3gs 32 gb in 250$ with AT&T
    contract. How can i unlock it
    should i use that phone with Idea network
    Pls suggest
    thx in advance

  2. David Miguel says:

    The quoted specs include a front-facing camera and 80 GB worth of storage space.

    Apple iPhone 4G

    • 80GB or 120GB flash drive
    • Widescreen 1540-by-480-pixel resolution at 163 ppi
    • Camera with 8.0 megapixels
    • Adobe Flash Player
    • Video recording (pre 3.0 release bogus feature)
    • Text editing with copy/paste (pre 3.0 release bogus feature)
    • MMS messaging (pre 3.0 release bogus feature)
    • Spa massaging (post 3.0 release bogus feature)

    It’s been released and out on sale just 2 days ago.

    So be the first to have this phone.


  3. Prateek Dhingra says:

    i want to buy IPhone 3g or 3gs ( Locked or unlocked )

  4. ya! hi guys this is rajkumar i would like to buy apple iphone 3g 8gb plz is any body wanna sell plz inform me ok bye my range is 20000 but godd condition. ha bye buys

  5. i wnt to buy a 3gs iphone new or old dont care i wnt to buy it
    mail me at

  6. i want to buy a iphone in us on contract basis and bring it to india and unlock it will this phone work?>

  7. TK Kumaran says:

    I have a brand new black colored iPhone4 with 16GB memory. If anyone is interested let me know. Flat price Rs. 40,000. It is loaded with the latest version of the software. It has 2 protector guards and is available in Chennai.


  8. sawan soni says:

    hi, to all
    i love iphone,
    i want to win this phone anyhow, plz plz plz plz send any shortcut to win.

    1.)this phone has best feature ever
    2.)battery backup was owsam
    3.)outstanding camera quality, (some of the photography prefer iphone 4G).
    4.)there is no comparison with other phone.
    5.)probability of hang problem in this set is 1 out of 1000.
    6.)use as torch also.
    5.)outstanding touch quality.
    6.)the best game of iphone which i played is i-pin shuffle and nfs most undercover.

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