Facebook India office opening Video – Hyderabad

Extending its hands to build a base in Asia, FaceBook has launched their first office in India, at Hyderabad. One of the largest social networks on the web, is also offering jobs at their new office, and the office is set at a city where some other big brands have their base – Google, Alcatel Lucent, Amazon, HP, Dell, IBM, Motorola, Oracle and Deloitte.

Founded by Mark Zuckerberg, back in 2004, now employs more than 1400 people spread around mostly in the USA, has more than 500 million active users, making it the world’s 2nd most visited website, according to the traffic ranking site Alexa. The current team who would work in the Hyderabad office would include the new applicants and few experts who would be teaming up to answer any questions asked on FaceBook, related to the social network. A group of specialists would also be working there for the online advertising of FaceBook in India. This all would also ensure that FaceBook is trying to make the multi-lingual support more handy, just like Google does.

Earlier, the most popular game developer in FaceBook, Zynga which is behind the games like Farmville, Fishville and Zynga Poker had set up a development center in Bangalore, India. And lately, FaceBook trashed Orkut by becoming the best social network in India, by having more than 8 million active users.

The office was opened in the traditional Indian way, and here is a video of the office opening –

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  1. “This Video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment and YashRaj Films, one or more of whom have blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.”

    When accessing from Thailand… had to use a proxy to view it :(

  2. but wheres the office i mean location in hyderabad

  3. Great. So finally FB is in India. May be a coincidence after coming out the news last week Finally Facebook Beats Orkut in India.

  4. is what you can tell me who sings these songs.???

  5. GT Professional SEO says:

    What is the procedure for applying job at new location of Facebook in Hyderabad???

  6. whats the adress of the office and do u guys have phone number

  7. Facebook kept growing and now has reached to become the top most social network on the web. It deserves that, due to the various features, applications, rapid enhancements in various features etc.

  8. babina salam says:

    I am a member of Facebook family and get immense useful ideas from the social network. However my account has been stopped or hacked. It hurts me a lot.

    When accessing my account it indicates DISABLE.
    I hope Facebook team will help me to access my account.

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