Google SMS ChannelsGoogle labs has launched a new service called ‘Google SMS Channels‘ where you can subscribe to alerts on different channels like web blogs, news from search engines, google group updates, feeds from blogger blogs etc.

You get free SMS alerts using which you get all the alerts on your mobile phone based on the source, and also limit the alerts based on different settings.

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How do I subscribe to a channel?
To subscribe to a channel, click the ‘Subscribe‘ button below the channel description on the Browse channels page or on the Channels detail page. You can also click the ‘Accept invitation’ button below the channel description to subscribe to a channel that you’ve been invited to.
To subscribe using your phone, SMS ‘ON ‘ to 9870807070. is the name of the channel.

Can I send messages to a channel?
You can only send messages to a channel under the following conditions:
1. You created the channel.
2. You are subscribed to a channel which allows all its subscribers to publish.
3. To send a message through the website simply click on the channel name and type in the text box below ‘New SMS Message’.
4. To send a message to a channel through your phone simply reply to any message you received from the channel.

How do I invite others to a channel?
You can invite friends to a channel created or subscribed by you.
To invite someone you need to know his/her phone number.
To invite on the website, click the ‘invite others’ link for the channel and enter the phone number (or a list of up to 5 phone numbers separated by commas) of the people you wish to invite to join the channel.
To invite through your phone, simply send an SMS with the format ‘invite
‘ to 9870807070.

How do I create a channel? What are the different ways to publish content to a channel?
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