Do you want to make sure your website or blog visitors can find the most relevant stuff? Then its time you add a search box on your websites using which search results can be accessed. Most blogs which use CMS systems like Wordpress are having a inbuild Search box system which searches through all the blog posts and displays the results on the blog itself in a latest to oldest search results format but what if the visitor needs something which is stored in the blog pages and not in the posts? What if the information required by them is stored in the static pages of your website which is not controlled by the blog search system. The best solution is Google Adsense powered CSE[Custom Search Engine].

Google Adsense Search Box

This is a featured system of Adsense where you can build a search box and customize it very heavily. You get two types of codes at the end of setting it up which is to be added in your websites. The first code being the Search Box code which when added would show a search box anywhere you want to display it and it can be customized with the options available in the Adsense User Account Panel with options to display with watermark, show search button below the search box etc. The second code offered is to be added on the page where you want to display the search results and the results are shown based on the total number of pages indexed in the google search engine.

One of the most important feature and advantage of using this service is that you can build a search engine with results from multiple domains, a service useful when you run a network of blogs or websites and when you want to show search results from this network to your visitors. To easily understand how this works out check out the sidebar search box which is created with the help of the Google CSE system where i have added some of the best blogs and built it in order to help out people who are looking for some stuff.

When you are building this search box you have the option to add google adsense ads in the search result pages and you can customize this by displaying ads above the search results or on the right with different options like – Above & Right, Above & Below etc and you can select the right format based on your search results section width and design.

Based on my experience these ads dont help you become rich quickly but they do add up to your revenues with supplementary income and you can even build a better search section for your visitors which can make them return to your website regularly.

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