WhoisIts important to always check out who is the owner of a website or a domain name before doing any business with them which can range from trading services or else buying the whole website or Domain name. Basically this is all free to find information which can be easily accessed and you need to just visit some websites which share this. Also called as the Whois which means a tool allowing you to get the details of any domain name if they are registered. They are listed under mainly 4 categories ie Administrative contact, Billing contact, Technical contact & Name and Address of the owner.

Generally i access this information whenever i have purchased something from a Online Store and had issues with them, like the BigShoeBazaar or FlipKart following which the first things i like to do is finding who is the owner of the website and if its possible to find out more contact details of the domain owner. Also helpful if you are unable to reach some blog owner or website owner through their contact form and you need to get in touch quickly. Most website owners would have any contact email linked to their contact forms but the administrative emails are always most important to them because this is where they get the emails for domain name registration, renewals & transfer, hence contacting them through this email is one of the most recommended option.

Domain Whois Results

Domain Whois Results

The first tool which is recommended to everyone is from DomainTools.com whois Search available at whois.domaintools.com which offers you with detailed statistics as shown below along with all the Registrants Details, Website Thumbnail, NameServers, Registrar Details, Date on which the Domain was first registered, when it expires and how many websites are hosted on the same nameservers. Since all this information should be available in public, you can just type in any domain name in the whois search tools and get access to all this information, but there are situations where in the registrars would allow the webmasters to have private registrations which would disable access to any of the Registration Details and if we need to contact these domain owners you need to get in touch with the registrar who can help you out.

Overall the whois search is a excellent feature available on the Internet which can give you access to any website’s ownership details and also can be helpful in case you are looking to contact the domain owner.

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