Are you looking for the Indian Railways train which travels from your town or city in which you stay at present to destination station station. You can check it by yourself and no need to approach some other person help.

Find Trains Between Stations Online through Train Booking Portals

Many online portals has the capability of checking the availability of trains between the two stations. The famous one is the official Indian Railways Train Between Station Page here [link] which just looks like this.

How to Find Trains Between Two Stations Online

Enter the Source Station and Destination Station few originating characters to know the stations codes. If you the stations codes then directly you can enter the Station Codes in the Boxes. Provide the class in which you want to travel among the First AC, Second AC, Third AC, 3 AC Economy, AC chair, First Class, Sleeper Class, Second Sitting to choose from. Next things is your provide the date of journey and click on Get Details.

How to Find Trains Between Two Stations Online

If you find an error message like “Sorry!! No Matching Stations Found for Source” which means either the train is not available between the two stations or the train doesn’t run on those particular days that you have chosen so try to choose some other date on which the trains runs and provide the same. Then you need to go back and try permutations and combination’s. If you are strucked on knowing the Station Code then go here [link].

How to Find Trains Between Two Stations Online

Now that is the list of available trains and straight away you would be able to check availability, search fares and schedule of trains listed between those stations.

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