Yahoo mail, a web based email service, is offered by Yahoo!. Over 260 million people around the world use this Free webmail service. At present Yahoo! Mail comes in two packages – Classic Mail and New Mail. If you have a yahoo mail account and you are unable to remember the password of your account, this article may offer you a good solution. Here we go yahoo password recovery.

Let us assume that you have created an account in the name of Since you did not keep your password in a safe place, you completely forget it and you receive the following error while trying to get logged into your account.

Yahoo Mail Password Recovery

Error: Invalid ID or Password, Please try again
So, when you find this type of error, you have to click on the link “Forget your ID or Password” just below the sign in button.

Yahoo Messenger Forgot Password

You will now come into the Password Recovery Wizard page. The page will look like as follows:

Yahoo Account Password Recovery Wizard

Here we put munnavaimbbs and we are going to retrieve its password. Now put the code exactly as shown below (This code is an auto-generated code, so it is quite obvious when you will use this wizard, you will be getting a completely different code than this one. No matter what the code will be, you have to put the code as it is shown). After putting the code in the text box, click on the next button.

Yahoo Password Signin Help

When you will click the next button, it will take you to the next page, which will look like as follows:

Yahoo Secret Answer Password

Here you will be asked to answer the secret question. This is the question that you selected at the time of registration. You have to put the answer exactly as you did during the registration process. Put it and click on the next button. The format of the answer is not case-sensitive, that means you do not need to bother about the small letter and capital letter stuff. ?

After putting the answer successfully, when you click on next button, it will take you to “Reset Password” page, which will look like as follows:

Yahoo Password Recovery Sucess Welcome

Here you will put your new password in the New Password field. You have to re-type again the password. It will be more protected and secured if you use alpha-numeric value for your password. In simple words, try to make your password in combination of letters and numbers and try to use special character in it. You can also mix uppercase letters and lowercase letters together, so that it becomes harder for others to guess and crack your password.

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