Sitemap Generator SoftwareIf you are looking for a sitemap generator which offers you with custom sitemap generation tools with the flexibility of creating html and xml sitemaps in a colourful and custom navigation you should check out A1 Sitemap Generator.

I wanted to give a test with this software to check out how it works and performs when compared to the online sitemap generators for google, yahoo and live search. I downloaded the software from the website and installed in my laptop.

The first step was to Scan Website to find out all the internal & external links and sort out the same before getting started. I entered by honeymoon website and setup the paths, Crawler Engine, Crawler Options, Crawler Identification, Crawler Filers and then clicked on the Start Scan button to get started.

Sitemap Generator Crawler

The Next menu would allow you to analyze the website based on the links structure and also customize the website’s collected data by checking out the W3C validation in HTML & CSS format. Then click on the Create Sitemap option in the top menu.

Sitemap Builder Options Tools

Main features of this Sitemap Generator are :
* XML sitemap protocol: Ping Google, Yahoo, Ask, MSN with XML sitemaps / Google sitemaps.
* Google mobile sitemap: Google sitemap / XML sitemap for websites with mobile content.
* Google news sitemap: Google sitemap / XML sitemap for news orientated websites.
* RSS sitemap feed: RSS sitemaps use XML and often used for blog and forum websites.
* Text sitemap: Sitemap URL list format used by some search engines, e.g. Google and Yahoo.
* HTML sitemap: Many websites use HTML sitemaps as a navigation aid to visitors.
* web sitemap: ASP.Net website navigation and menu controls use Web.sitemap files.

Alternatively you can go for XML Sitemaps software which is a online tool for generating sitemaps and also offers a standalone paid version. Check out here!

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