Mukesh Ambani’s new home Antilia

Mukesh Ambani PhotoMukesh Ambani’s new house Antilia is under construction right now and is said to have 27 floors with 600 full staff to be working in the whole building.The height of these 27 floors would be equivalent to 60 floors of a normal building/apartment. The current residence of mukesh ambani is at Cuffe Parade. The new ambani’s home would have 3 helipads , Six floors for parking, a full floor for car maintenance, Balconies with gardens , Entertainment floor with 50 people seating floor, a refuge floor which would come in use in emergencies, facilities for athletics and a swimming pool, 2 full floors made of glass-front especially for guests of ambanis though Mukesh Ambani Current HomeBMC(Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) officials have announced that the helipad permissions have not yet been granted.

Mukesh Ambani
bought the Antilia 49,000 square foot plot in year 2002 and the whole construction will rise to 570 feet with the height of 60 floors though the real contruction would be of just 27 floors. The construction is at Altamount Road where the current land rates are at 75000Rs/square feet and 6 floors are already completed with the whole construction to be completed by september 2008.The top four floors, with a panoramic view of the city and the Arabian Sea beyond, are expected to be for Ambani, his wife Nita, mother Kokilaben and the couple’s three kids.

According to BMC records, the total area of Mukesh’s Altamount Road plot is 4,532.39 square meters. The proposed built-up area is 4,778.09 square meters (only for residential purposes), and the permissible built-up area 4,939.81 square meters. Lets see what anil ambani is planning after seeing mukesh ambani’s upcoming big house and sucess of reliance companies held by mukesh.

The current news is that mukesh ambani has already reached 50billion dollar level and will soon beat software kind bill gates, and this is the reason anil ambani is all get set to start Reliance Power IPO which is expected to come by october 2007.Anil ambani can also expect a heavy premium on the shares to be issued with many times over subscription of the shares. Lets see by the year end which ambani brother wins this money battles and stays in the top.

Mukesh Ambani Antilia Home Plan
Mukesh Ambani Antilia Home Plan
Mukesh Ambani Antilia Home Plan
Mukesh Ambani Antilia Home Plan

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Mukesh Ambani’s residence Antilia Video :

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  1. Anubhav Agarwal says:

    Mukesh Ambani
    Take a example of Gulshan kumar who donated Rs.1 on sale of each T Series cassate by which bhandara is running well at Waishnov Devi till date. so you also take a enomorous action to help religious places like.or help poors.

  2. frankly speaking, this much money could have yield roti for lakhs of poor indians, but “hota hai chalta hai” attitude is the result of all this.

  3. Masud Rana says:

    Sir ,i am very good and poor boy .but wanted money for business ,pls help me,

    Masud Rana
    Dhaka Bangladesh

  4. ashish sinha says:

    pranam sir,
    my name is ashish sinha.
    aap apne papa ke bare me wo btayiye jo apko aage badhne me help krti h,
    unki wo bt jo hamesha aapke dimag me rahti h.
    agar msg. padhoge to rply jarur krna.

  5. What ever you earn and keep it for yourself is not counted but what ever you earn and give it for the poor and needy definately counts, iam neither jealous on him for such a huge house nor happy for him but the fact still remains that a man doesnt live on Bread and Shelter alone there is something called as ‘LOVE’ which you can never buy at a price.

  6. DIBYENDU ROY says:

    need money to confort my lifestyle (Minimum one crore). Can it be possible to get a money as a gift. Because, I’m poor I cant able to repay. If anybody interested to give money.

  7. ratan kumar das says:

    sir mukesh bhai dhiru bhai ambani, aapko dhonyobad, is liye ki aap ka company humare desh ki number one mana ja raha hei, mei ek 37 year ki blood sugar, thairoyed ki morij hoon, mera kohi job nohi hei, mera ek 18 month ki ek lerka hei, pls. muje help kore,

    Ratan Kumar Das

    mob- 09748279392

  8. Mukesh Bhai u r the luckiest person in India because u r the richeist person i also want to stay in your position..

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