The poll hosted on this blog has finally been stopped and now we have started another poll. Lets discuss about the results of the best laptops poll which was started in order to find the most recommended laptop based on the user reviews.

Total Votes Recieved : 685 Users
Sony Vaio Laptops : 191 Votes
HP Laptops : 162 Votes
Dell XPS Laptops : 128 Votes
Apple Macbook : 100 Votes
Acer Laptops : 53 Votes
Compaq Laptops : 19 Votes
Fujitsu Laptops : 6 Votes
HCL Laptops : 8 Votes
Toshiba Laptops : 8 Votes


Which Top Rated Budget Laptop Brand would you Recommended for Students, Gaming & Business
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The poll clearly shows that Sony Vaio laptops are the most recommended, followed by medium budget laptops by HP and Dell which is followed by the leading gadgets manufacturer Apple which offers excellent laptops but are not much sold because of a high price tag. The poll wont be closed soon and you can continue making your votes.

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