Poll Results : Most Recommended Laptop Brand

The poll hosted on this blog has finally been stopped and now we have started another poll. Lets discuss about the results of the best laptops poll which was started in order to find the most recommended laptop based on the user reviews.

Total Votes Recieved : 685 Users
Sony Vaio Laptops : 191 Votes
HP Laptops : 162 Votes
Dell XPS Laptops : 128 Votes
Apple Macbook : 100 Votes
Acer Laptops : 53 Votes
Compaq Laptops : 19 Votes
Fujitsu Laptops : 6 Votes
HCL Laptops : 8 Votes
Toshiba Laptops : 8 Votes


Which Top Rated Budget Laptop Brand would you Recommended for Students, Gaming & Business
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The poll clearly shows that Sony Vaio laptops are the most recommended, followed by medium budget laptops by HP and Dell which is followed by the leading gadgets manufacturer Apple which offers excellent laptops but are not much sold because of a high price tag. The poll wont be closed soon and you can continue making your votes.

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  1. Hellstromm (21 year PC technician) says:

    Unfortunately, this “recommendation” poll only succeeds in showing which laptops brands people know. Great brands like Asus and Lenova are left out, as well as Alienware and VoodooPC, which are top-notch in all respects. Finally, while Acer was recommended a lot, it shouldn’t be. In the case of Acer laptops, you get what you pay for, and they’re very cheap to buy. ;)

    I would say, finding out the best brand is largely dependent upon who you ask. There are many willing to tell you, but very few “really” know computers and even fewer know laptops. Always try to read past the pride of a person and remember, if they claim they know… they don’t.

    As to best brands, you have to determine what is more important to you: price, performance (video, speed, etc), durability, battery life, warranty (honored/service/time period), weight, screen (size, vertical/horizontal, resolutions), accessories (dvd, dvdr, i/o ports and slots, detachable iphone, microphone, camera, pen, etc), and whatever else that may be high on your list. The reason for this is that not all brands provide what you “need” and even fewer will provide what you want, all in one package. So, truth be told, figure out what you want first, then try to find the laptops that have those features. From there you can do comparisons.

    Truth be told, there is no simple answer. Usually it is “budget” that sets the greatest limiter to your purchasing interests. If that is your case, I would recommend Asus. They provide some of the best laptops (they also manufacture the Apple Macbooks, which gives a good indication of their quality control) and the price is more than reasonable. Also, their Eee PCs are just plain cute.

    Hope this helps some of you

    • Hi, I want to know which laptop is the best buy.Budget is not a problem but technology is.can you suggest me to buy either apple or dell,even something better will be fine(me a computer engineering student)

  2. amit pls help me m totally confused in buying a laptop…….m a medical student ..n i need laptop for studies on wireless net long with movies..i want gud sound out put ..gud battery life..n gud memory…with cd slut ….option…bt i shud b small n light weight….to carry in college bag n i waana buy it from usa..this month only

  3. Recently I chose dell to buy, because it’s very stylish, well configurated and not so expensive.
    So Students must use Dell.

  4. Hey, I am confused as hell i need a notebook in 35k to 40k range can you plz hlp me out. disk space is compulsory while i occasionally intend to play nice games as well. Basically i’m an engg. student n need dis 4 studies

  5. Oops. I use ACER, and its good. :)

    • srinnivasan says:

      Hey, I want to buy a laptop confused. My range is upto 35 k. i talked abt it to some friends some say dell,some say HP some say Compaq and i was wanting to go for acer….but people say acer is not good….i am totally confused. can i go for acer ? pls help me.

      @ Anne…how is acer and you use for general or technical purpose for what use. kindly let me know configuration and model. Thanks


  6. I think Samsung too should have been included in the list. And to no surprise, Sony Vaio should be topping the list with the design, great interface and the looks. Good poll.

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