Recommended Antivirus Software for New Laptop

Avinash sent me the following question :
hi i just bought a Sony VAIO CR – VGN-CR36G/B i want to know what antirus package would u recommend? Norton’s, Mccafe etc

Most Sony Vaio laptops come with a preinstalled Norton Antivirus software with a 60days subscription package : Norton® Internet Security™ 60-Day Subscription – Norton AntiVirus®, Norton Personal Firewall, Norton Privacy Control, Norton AntiSpam®, Norton Parental Control TrendMicro™ Anti-Spyware (30-Day Trial) VAIO® Recovery Wizard VAIO® Support Central VAIO® Security Center VAIO® Update and the above options are optional and based on the distributor who may install all of the above or any.

Sony Vaio VGN CR Laptop

After a poll which was made for the best antivirus software AVG antivirus was the highest voted and my personal recommendation would also be the same because AVG updates the virus database every day and also has a schedule scan feature but these are not something new, the main feature is that it does not use heavy processor memory the way Norton antivirus takes.

Iam currently using AVG Internet Security 7.5 licenced for 5 systems which comes as a package of Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Spam, LinkScanner & Firewall with a 2 yearly licence costing around 80$ which makes the effective cost around 3$/month which is very low and cost effective. AVG also offers a free version but its not always as much effective as the paid version and as the saying goes on “What you pay is what you get” , 3$/month is not a high price when compared to the security of your laptop and its worth when you are trying to secure your private information related to bank or any other info.

AVG Internet Security

Also make sure you order a backup CD of these Antivirus because they come in handy when you are reinstalling the operating system and you completely remove the preinstalled limited version of antivirus offered by the laptop manufacturers.

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  1. Doug Woodall says:

    Avinash need to make sure he also gets the complete removal tool from Nortons site.
    Otherwise he may have trouble with conflicts between the two products.

  2. amitbhawani says:

    Generally whenever you install a new antivirus it detects any other antivirus software and tries to uninstall it, but yes he always need to verify it.

  3. david cheong says:

    Amit, why try out the Bitdefender 2008 (Anti Virus or IE Security) they are both nice, stable, fast and more secure.

  4. newmemo says:

    i neaioed antivirus for my laptop sony v

  5. SANGEETA says:

    recommended new antivirus software for my new sony vaio laptop Model number VGN-CR12GH/B

  6. My recommendation: Avast Antivirus(freeware antivirus that’s light and effective but not better than Kaspersky, Eset NOD32).

    If u want to be REALLY secure (the most secure), get Kaspersky Internet Security or ESET Smart Security.

    Other Okay… AVs:
    Antivir (freeware)
    Norton 2008(better this year)

    Good Anti Spyware:
    EMSI Anti Malware
    Spybot Search and Destroy (freeware)
    Spyware Terminator (freeware)
    AdAware 2008 (freeware)

    DO NOT GET: AVG 8 is probably the worst of AVG EVER.
    7.5 was good but 8 totally ****ed up.

  7. i need some new antivirus for my laptop

  8. a well scure antivirus that to use for


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