Wordpress Database SecurityDo you feel that database your blog is running on is corrupted and cannot be fixed? The best option to make sure that your database is working perfectly is to check out the database and then repair if it you find any problems in it. You can use these options when you feel that your blog is taking a lot of time to load and there may be some database problems in this, the blog was hacked and you need to restore the blog because you didnt take a scheduled backup of your posts. You have used several plugins on your blog, which when deactivated have added many errors on your wp-admin page, then its time to implement the following tutorial and give your blog a new life.

Login to your Cpanel > MySQL Databases :
Databases Cpanel
Click on the options under the Manage Databases where you can either Check out the Databases or else Repaid the Database, click on any of these options to check and repair all the errors.
MySQL Databases Create Repair

If this does not still repair your blog and you still find many problems in your wp-admin, then the next best option would be to Reinstall your blog completely.

Things to Note before Uninstalling your Blog : Before you uninstall your complete its very important to take a back up of the following –

  1. Your DataBase Backup – Login to your Cpanel, Under the Files Menu you will find the Backup’s option, click on it
    Backup Cpanel Database Files
    Now under this you will find multiple options like Full Backup, Database Backup, Scheduled Backups out of which you need to select the Database Backup and download your blog’s database to make sure you can restore it at anytime, and also a full copy of Home Directory which can also be useful in case you are not able to sucessfully reinstall the blog.
    Full Partial Database Backup Directory
  2. If you host all your Images in a separate folder of your home directory, you need to download all the images to your local pc because while you install the wordpress blog, it can also remove all the subfolders under it and you can loose all the images you have posted within the articles.
  3. The next step would be to take a complete backup of all your posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags which are the most important data on your blog because it would be hard to restore all this stuff without a proper format and a backup file to restore.
    Export Wordpress Posts
    You can export all the posts or only for a specific author and click on Download Export File.
    Download Wordpress Export File
  4. Next you should download all the wordpress currently active theme & plugins because once you reinstall your blog all these files will be deleted and you can find just the default themes and plugins. Hence a local copy download is better because you can quickly upload them once the blog is reinstalled.
  5. Now you can login again to your Cpanel>Fantastico>Wordpress and Uninstall your wordpress blog and then again reinstall it. Then you need to again setup your ‘.htaccess’ file and setup Permalinks. Once done login to your wordpress blog > Manage > Import and then Select ‘WordPress’ option which will ‘Import posts, comments, custom fields, pages, and categories from a WordPress export file.’ and you are done.

All your posts, and all your data is restored back, upload your theme & plugins back to their respective folders and then upload the Images back to their previous location. Once everything is done you should check out broken links on your blog to make sure you dont lose any visitors who end up on your error pages.

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