LinkSys routers is one of the most popular router design and manufacturing brand and is widely used by many industries, companies and individuals who want a clean, neat router that does its job. Cisco is the manufacturer of the LinkSys routers (they acquired LinkSys in 2003). They also manufacture wireless modems, and USB modems and routers. Thus it is very important to know how to reset the password of a LinkSys router if it ever does get changed or modified due to unforeseen circumstances and reasons. It is also the only way to edit the settings of the router if one forgets the router password!

LinkSys RouterThe method of changing the password involves hardware itself. All LinkSys routers (for that matter, all routers) have a reset button. Push and keep the reset button pressed for at least 30 seconds so that all the settings, passwords and configurations of the router to factory defaults. The 30 second time is imperative and it is recommended that the button is kept pressed for at least 40 seconds just to be sure. Now the username and password of the router has been reset to ‘admin’ (without the quotes). On older LinkSys routers, the username is blank and the password is set to ‘admin’.

Now, to change the settings and the other configurable settings, the user must go to the default router address ( from the browser and use the default username and the password ‘admin’. When the navigation is over, the router pops up a default username and password form where the username and password of ‘admin’ are to be inputted. From there on you can change all the configuration settings as previously needed on the router settings page. All the various settings present there can be edited.

To change the password to something more secure, click on “Management”. Change the administrator password (from the original password) to something far more secure and unintuitive so that system users cannot guess it and the router is safe and secure from penetrations from both within and without the network.

Note: The password reset may have reset the IP address (Internet Protocol address) of the router and may take up to 24 hours before being accepted by the server.

Recommended options include putting on the WEP (Wireless Equivalent Privacy) and WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) protections for the wireless networks so that the packet data transmission itself may be protected and unauthorised usage of the same cannot be done.

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