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Chinese Mobile Phone Handsets Illegal in India

A Nokia N95 Clone with Touch Screen Features of a Apple iPhone Duplicate which costs just 5000Rs is only possible when you go into the Grey Market of mobile phones in most twin cities in India. These handsets look 100% similar to the original handsets but are just not the original ones. These Chinese handsets […]

How to Protect/Recover a Lost or Stolen Mobile Phone

There are thousands of people who lose their valuable mobile phones every day and this costs them a lot because its not just the mobile phone handset they have lost but more important is the loss of their important data, contacts, images & video’s stored in the mobile phone memory. I lost my new nokia […]

Laptops Security Guide Tips to Prevent Data & Laptop Theft

Its not something which happens everyday but since many people now have online bank accounts, credit cards purchasing and ecommerce related transactions, its very important to make sure that the system you are working on right now is very much secured and you may not lose any of your financial data. In most laptops your […]