Galaxy S3 Broken ScreenLast week when we were at the Google India office we got a idea to do something different, and we went ahead with something totally expected which was the Drop Test of few of the Best Smart Phones considered by consumers. We have had initially expected that all these three phones would just shatter into pieces because that is what generally expected by most of the users. These phones feature large touch screens which generally can break even when dropped from your hands normally and we went ahead doing a small test in the form of a step by step procedure.

We started off with back side drop of the phones at waist height which is the normal height from where your phones can generally slip from your hands and then followed by shoulder height which is the place where your phone can slip when you are holding it followed by finally the side drop which can generally happen when you are capturing a photo or a video. These are some real life situations with the location being a real life scenario giving you an actual idea on what could happen with your costly phones.

Check out the above video and go through the video and let us know with the feedback on the same. You would be surprised with the results for sure.

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