Remember the last time we discussed on how to Turn your Laptop Computer in a TV and i had shown you some of the cheapest TV Tuner cards available in the Market. Now lets check out if its possible to view high quality television programs on your laptop computer. First of all most laptop computers can be easily configured to setup with these TV Tuner cards and you can use them to watch TV Programs.

A TV Tuner card is a computer component which allows the television signals to be recieved by the computer. There are generally 4 different types of TV Tuner cards ie Analog TV tuners, Digital TV tuners, Hybrid tuners and Combo tuners. Each of these differ in the qualiy of video it outputs on the computer and its always considered to use a external TV Tuner card to make sure your computer/laptops CPU is not effected with the load. Some TV Tuners work as FM Radios and this can help you in listening to FM radio stations directly. In short if you want to watch any TV shows or Cricket matches on your laptop instead of searching a website which offers this why not convert your laptop to a TV.

PCI Tv Tuner Cards | D Link External Tv Tuner Cards

One of the best TV Tuner card manufacturer is Pinnacle Systems which offers digital video hardware and software for broadcast markets. The pricing of TV Tuner cards can go from 400Rs to 10000Rs based on the features and quality it can offer you. As the budget goes up you get a better TV Tuner card which would not just help you in watching TV shows but also works as Video Capture cards and record television shows directly or in schedules whenever you are not available and you dont want to miss any shows. These videos are recorded in MPEG1, MPEG2, AVI, Divx formats and its a sure thing that the recorded video quality wont be as good as you watch on the TV ie the original source and the best TV Tuner cards can just try to offer the best quality but not as good as the original.

Pinnacle USB TV Tuner Cards

As referred above Tv Tuner cards from companies like pinnacle offer Tv Viewers using which you can record HDTV shows and features for PC & MAC like Timeshifting, Capture analog video from external devices like camcorders and game consoles & USB Designs. Recommended Software which can allow you to Watch Tv on PC

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