Windows Phone 7 HandsetsWindows Phone 7 is currently trending all over the world not just because it’s a product from Microsoft but because of the amazing features which come packed in the devices. Currently its being available in around 10 different handsets sold by different manufacturers, which are being launched on different dates. In this article we would compare some of the best devices and then suggest you the right option.

Before you start thinking about the hardware configuration of all these devices you need to know that most of these have almost the same hardware configurations because of the phone requirement and the only difference is the slight difference in dimensions, weight and pricing. Out of the big list of different Windows Phone 7 in the market like HTC HD7 vs HTC7 Mozart vs LG Optimus 7 vs Samsung Omnia 7 vs Dell Venue Pro vs HTC 7 Pro, there are two handsets which we would be recommending you in terms of features when compared with the others.

In our view only two devices would be the best recommended because of the overall features and they are the Samsung Omnia 7 & the HC HD 7.

The HTC HD 7 comes with a 4.3″ Display while the Samsung Omnia comes with a 4.0″ Display which is Super Amoled, the same which comes in the Samsung Galaxy S. A 4.3″ screen is more suggested than a small one even though the other comes with higher quality display because of the larger size which is good for browsing on the go. In the terms of display we would suggest the HTC HD 7 phone.

When you discuss about the dimensions, the Samsung Omnia weighs around 138grams with 122.4x 64.2 x 10.99 mm while the HTC HD 7 is bulky weighing around 162 grams along with a wide body at 122 x 68 x 11.2 mm. In this case the Omnia wins because of the light weight and easy to carry device when compared to the other.

htc hd7 vs samsung omnia 7

In terms of storage the HD 7 comes with a 16Gb of built-in memory when compared with the 8Gb in Omnia, though it does not matter much because most users would be regularly syncing all the media files onto their computers or web services.

Camera aspects are the same on both of these devices at 5Mp with flash and allowing you to capture videos at 720p resolution. The connectivity is also similar in both the devices with stuff like Wi-Fi (b/g/n), Bluetooth 2.1, USB 2.0, 3.5mm jack.


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Now the final comparison would be related to the price where in the factory unlocked version of the Omnia 7 is going to cost you around £499 in the U.K. and HTC HD 7 is also going to cost around the same. There are chances that the Omnia would cost you less but still there won’t be much differences in the pricing factor. Hence if you have no concerns about budget while buying the best device, its recommended to opt for the HTC HD7 over all the other Windows Phone 7 in the market.

This is a personal suggestion based on all the above mentioned features and comparisons made on different websites. You can decide yourself by comparing yourself at this Microsoft web page.

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