There are different types of conventional home based business which are generally meant for the housewives and other women like catering services, food delivery business, baby care etc. But now-a-days the internet has become the strongest weapon to earn money. These online money making business is just perfect for the students, retired and elderly people and the moms who want to earn money while taking care of their kids.

Data Entry Jobs HomeAs a matter of fact you will find many people who start working from home to stay away form a short tempered rude boss and get the flexibility of work schedule. But at the same time you need to very careful about the scams that take place every now and then.

Pay to get data entry or marketing jobs?
There are quite a number of online business ideas from which you can decide upon the one that you feel will fulfill your requirement. If you have a great deal of hands on experience in marketing and promotion, then affiliate marketing is simply perfect for you. This needs innovative strategies, which you are already equipped with. If there is a very efficient typist and computer savvy professional hidden in you them online and offline data entry jobs are meant for you. There are many websites available on the net which offer you these sorts of jobs. But the catch lies in the sign up money. Ask yourself why one needs to pay something to get a job? This clearly shows the wrong intention of the employer.

Virtual assistance and online counseling scams
Virtual assistance is an online business opportunity that is gradually gaining popularity. The responsibilities of a virtual assistant are to look after the accounts and other back office requirements of a client who pays on a regular basis. But the virtual assistant works from his home and never needs to walk down to the clientโ€™s office. But before investing in the set up of an office make sure that this client is going to pay you regularly. As you never meet them in person it is simply impossible for you to find him out if he is a fraud. If you have the professional qualification like a degree in nutrition, interior designing, psychology etc, then you can work for the online counseling sites. But then again read as many reviews or blogs as possible that account for the legitimacy of these sites.

Other fraudulent opportunities to lure you :
There are few other opportunities as well which promises you a big assured earning. You can get money for taking surveys, going through emails or clicking on ads. But all the websites that offer these sorts of jobs have a particular payout level reaching which you get paid. And the cruel fact is that many people find these levels simply impossible to reach and give up half the way.

Paid Emails Survey Jobs Home

So you can keep them as a method of part time work but considering them as the means of full fledged earning. Moreover it happens that you can see that the money you were able to see in your account last night vanishes without any notification. Hence this is a good trick to make you work without paying a single buck.

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