Clearing & Turning off Search History in Bing

Google saves all your search history when you are logged in to your google account and this web history can be accessed by you anytime. Search history starts as soon as you search on Bing and Bing Logowill continue to grow for the duration of your current browser session, with a maximum session time of 48 hours, unless you choose to turn search history off. You’ll see your most recent search history on the left side of the search results page. To see your entire search history for the current browser session, click see all under your history. The very same way Bing also saves up all the search history and if you want to disable this stuf you need to perform the following steps.

Turning off search history

  1. Turn search history off at any time by clicking turn off on the search results page or click turn history off on the search history page. Turning search history off effectively pauses the feature. No clicks and no searches are shown for the searches you do while you have history turned off, but turning history off doesn’t delete any of your existing search terms or click information. If you have either JavaScript or cookies disabled in your browser, you may have problems turning off search history. Try enabling both JavaScript and cookies, and try again.
  2. To turn search history back on, simply click turn on.

Clearing search history

There are several ways of clearing search history, depending on how much information you want to remove.

  • Clear an individual query from search history by clicking see all to go to the full page of history, and then clicking the X next to the query you want to remove.
  • Clear your entire search history by clicking clear all.
  • Clear your entire search history by simply closing your browser.
  • Your search history will automatically be cleared if you close your browser window or leave the page open for more than 48 hours.
  • You can also use your browser to delete search history.

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  1. I do not need a faceless moderator interfering with my comments. Would the mailman open someone’s mail to moderate it?

  2. Joseph Hiddink says:

    I have a troublesome Bing, that want to get rid of.

  3. Is there a way I can SAVE ALL (or at least the last week’s worth) of Bing searches? Mine keep disappearing after one, or sometimes 2 days. I use the History a lot, when it remains in my Search History. Thanks.

  4. ANSWER TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!

    >>>> <<<<

  5. Another point for consideration… although one believes [s]he has “deleted” search history… ain’t so… every move you’ve ever made on the computer is stored on your hard-drive. There are several prgrams that profess ridding your computer of these issues, however few truly do. When “delete/remove search history” is offered… it just means that YOU cannot access it through “History Search”… does not mean it to be completely inaccessable by a knowledgeable technician or anyone versed in such matters. Remember this as you peruse the net. This also a consideration to be taken into account when replacing an old computer with a new one and who potentially has access to your old computer. Personal info is stored on your hard-drive… could be credit card info… medical info or various other portions of private information you might choose others not be able to access.

  6. Also related to “turn off search history” you may have to do it each time you log off and log back on/restart. Sometimes merely “refresh”[ing] the page resets “search history”. Be vigilant in your personal security on the internet.

  7. What’s the point of turning it off when it just turns itself back on. I think I’m done with Bing.

    • This drives me mad. The bing search history is always turning itself back on again. So unless I remember to keep turning it off all the time the history will exist.

  8. How do I clear the BING search bar history

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