Confused AmitEveryone of you wants to enter this internet world to make money, get recognition and make lots of friends online, but the very first question you get is how much money i need to invest, i dont know designing , programming how can i get started , check out the following step.

  • First step of all is search for a good domain name and buy domain name
  • Get a Good Shared Web Hosting Account starting just 1$/month
  • Set up the web hosting and domain name DNS
  • Go to your Hosting Cpanel Account and install wordpress [2.3 version] from Fantistico option and complete the installation process of wordpress.
  • Get a Good looking beautiful wordpress theme from free wordpress themes websites
  • Activate and tweak the plugin to get the best look and get started with your new website.
  • Start posting on your favourite topics regularly on the website.
  • Add the wordpress ping list under wp-admin>options>writing options.
  • Join the best Indian affiliate programs to increase your revenue
  • Add adsense to your website with the new adsense classy effects
  • Join Text Link Ads once your website gets a good page rank which is assigned by google.
  • Keep Posting Regularly with original content on the niche you have selected and dont try to use copied content on your website, as it penalises the whole website
  • Dont Exchange links with other website owners to get page rank as we are not working to get more page rank but working to get better serps which can help you in getting natural traffic with lots of revenue options.
  • Keep yourself update by reading the latest money making tips and SEO tips to get into the top of the search engines quickly

If you get any doubt in the above steps, feel free to ask me as iam sure if you implement all the steps a single website can help you in making 1000-25000$/month. Our Team can also help you out in setting up everything i have posted above , contact me if you are interested.

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