You would have seen many many ways of Making Money with Twitter recently because of the growing popularity of Twitter. Out of these iam sure not many worked for most of the Twitterers because everything does not work for everyone and only the smart people can make the most out of nothing, because they try to look into all the available options with lot of research and implement the best one.

Make Money with TwitterYou dont have a big interface where you can post your big sales page in order to get sales for your products nor you dont have a lot of search engine traffic but you have a 140 characters space to make money. Still if you are looking to monetize your Twitter account you need to have a lot of confidence on yourself and get started.

Here are some of the most working ways you can make money through your Twitter Tweets or Accounts :

  1. Direct Sales – Under this option you need to have a Big Followers List – This does not mean that the number should just be big but you should have Followers who really follow you for reading and get updated with your Tweets which would mean that what ever you write as Tweets are Read & ReTweeted within your Extended Network. Hence you can start Recommending New Startups and take money from them for the buzz you can create for them.Lets say you have a Twitter Account with most Tweets related to Technology, and you are sure that all your Followers would read your Tweets then you can setup a advertising page where you can charge on a Promotional Package basis by offering the Advertise with 5/10 Tweets package. Following which you Tweet about the advertisers product on Twitter smartly by asking questions with your followers along with suggestions , getting more interaction with your followers regarding the product , which would mean more buzz created at the end of the campaign helping the advertiser get what all he expected.If you keep Some Customer Happy, you are ought to get a lot of new Customers from their extended Network. If you think about just promoting for the same of promoting and getting money from the advertiser, you cannot expect a returning client which would mean that the future for your business is not good.
  2. Affiliate Marketing – This is another serious way of making money through Twitter. Many a times i myself post Referral links on my Twitter Accounts in the Tweets i post because if the product you try to refer is useful to your followers, then you are going to get real sales, helping you to make up a lot of money through commissions. Not only by directly posting Affiliate Links in your Tweets you can even start searching for clients on Twitter. Make sure you hide your affiliate links though.Make a list of all the Affiliate Links you have for your advertisers and keep it safe. Then start using the Twitter Search Section and start searching for different tweets which includes your advertisers brand name.Example – Search for ‘Need a Job’ like this – which would show you all the Tweets in Real Time where all the Twitterers are looking for new jobs. Now get the Affiliate links for all the Jobs/Employment Related companies and Reply to all those Tweets with a suggestion to signup to the Job Portals you may recommend and Upload Resume for getting a job quickly.

    You are not really spamming someone in the above example, because you are trying to help out someone whom you dont know with a link to a Jobs Service, which can be helpful to them. If in case they are already registered with the company you refer, then can ignore or let you know and you can suggest another company and increase your chances of getting leads or sales.

    If your Followers follow you because of the info your Tweet then you can promote products directly through your Tweets and get instant signup’s or sales.

  3. Pay Per Click – If you have a legit following for your Twitter account who would for sure click and ReTweet all your messages and the links inserted within them, you can start selling advertising on your Twitter account. Setup trackable links and offer detailed reports to your advertisers with the amount of visitors who clicked on the links which were tweeted through your account and charge them based on the clicks they recieved ie the based on the total number of visitors who were referred through your Tweets.This Pay Per Click option would be feasible and practical because you can implement it right away and make your Advertisers happy because they dont have to pay for every Tweet but only for the visitors who clicked on the links and visited their websites. You can get many marketplace scripts with link tracking programs which can be combined using which you can start getting into Making Money through your Twitter Account.
  4. Premium Stuff – Dont limit yourself by stopping where you are, and start building a very big fan following, after which you can stop offering Updates in the Public and limit yourself. Tell all your Followers to always ReTweet your message if they want to continue Following you for free if not they cannot Follow you. After this start charging all your new followers with a fees like 5$/year which is quite less, and this amount would be feasible if your Tweets are really worth the money people pay.Examples which may work out :
    Start offering Job opening details which are not accessible on other portals.
    Offer daily Horoscope for free of cost to all your Followers with some key information
    Offer some seriously breaking news daily which may not be accessable in the outside world easily, like insider news of anything.
    Start offering a help desk along with a group of friends who work at the same time with you , helping people come out of their any kind of problems.

Twitter Make MoneyIf you like my Twitter Related Articles you can follow me at @amitbhawani . If you are new to Twitter, then this Twitter Guide can be helpful to you because it offers with all the basics of Twitter and how to get started becoming a member.

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