RapidShare Search Tips easily find Music Videos & Applications

RapidShare is the biggest File hosting company where you can find almost anything you need because users keep sharing everything using it and at times when you need something you can easily find it. RapidShare.com does not offer any search feature but its very easy because you can use google search for this.

Just go to google and search using some of these commands and you will get your job done :

Search Mp3 Music Files on RapidShare : Click Here
Search Mp4 Music Files on RapidShare : Click Here
Search 3gp Video Files on RapidShare : Click Here
Search avi Video Files on RapidShare : Click Here
Search Mpg Video Files on RapidShare : Click Here

Rapidshare Search Tools

RapidShare LogoSearching for any other file or application based on its name? Just give the command google.com/search?hl=en&q=site%3Arapidshare.com+seobook and you will generally able to find it instantly. Generally its not always recommended to use any applications downloaded from rapidshare because most of these are files which are hosted by warez websites and are not recommended to be used unless you already have a licence of the same products. Its generally recommended to use Rapidshare Happy Hours in order to get your downloads done asap. Now you dont need any tools or scripts for searching any files on rapidshare because google serps would help you out.

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  1. Tech blog says:

    Those are good tips.
    but can you advise any good rapidshare search engine ??

  2. Rockstar Sid says:

    @Amit – These are really helpful,Thanks a lot

    @Tech blog – You can use use filestube.com or filesbort,just do a searcg on rapidshare search and u will get tons of list :-)

  3. Hey amit

    Thanks for the tips i knew there are ways you can search but didnt exactly know what they are.. but as now i know them..

    i can search stuff for free :D

    songs, apps, images wont be a prob any more

    Come up with more stuff like this..

    i am sure everybody likes free things :)

  4. There is no good search engine for rapidshare files , usually they will show u only few parts that u need and you will be seeking for the rest , for the rest of your life ;p

    the best way would just add rapidshare.com/files “what are you looking for”

    and its best to use it in google search. good luck

  5. @Tech blog, Forbishare.com, fullcracked.com … are great rapidshare search engines be sure to pay them a visit ;)

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