Sun Direct DTH Service Hit in South India

Sun Direct DTH TvAs from different facts, I must say that South Indian market is huge for any Direct To Home viewers as from my prediction, atleast 45 to 50% Direct To Viewers are from South India itself. Here in South Indian viewers want as much South India Contest as they can that’s why all Direct To Home users always add south Indian channels frequently to make them happy and sales it. So far two strong players Sun Direct and BIG DTH TV is holding grip in South Indian markets just because of good packages at good price but over all Sun Direct have upper hand since they started operation from South India few months ago.

On one Side Reliance BIG DTH provide all South Indian channel in one packages, Sun DTH is also providing same things with more channels then BIG TV except offering less Hindi channels and English channels. But As from South Indian content they have maximum numbers of channels on their platform and they offer everything for just 75 Rs/month and also provide 4 exclusive comedy channels in South Indian region. That’s the reason why Sun DTH registered 1.8 million customers from alone South India within 1 years of operation. So far Sun DTH performance is good when talk is going to only South Indian regional content as they have wide choice of channels and just few days ago they tested some new channels too. Specially they have higher numbers of Tamil and Malayalam channels to compare Reliance BIG TV and other DTH company. Their 4 comedy channels each for Malayalam, Kannad, Telegu and Tamil.

List of Sun Direct DTH Packages

Although they have some disadvantages too as if customers wants all national channels then Sun DTH have big problems as their Add On Pack are most costlier then any DTH. For an example, If customer wants to watch all sports channels of ESS then he need to pay more then 100 Rs while other DTH charges only Rs 65 maximum, so it’s not a wise option if you want to see national channels with Sun DTH but main and big points as their base pack of Rs 75 which carry all South Indian channels (Some are in Add On Pack) along with Hindi channel packages of UTV which offer Bindass, Bindass Movies, World Movies and UTVi. So it’s a good for those who are limited to South Indian channels only. So no doubt, Sun DTH is best option for South Indian viewers as from cost wise and channel offering available in the market.

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  1. Customer service really suckkkkss.. I have an issue and I have been calling them every day since last 2 week, but no use. The package is cheap..but at a cost.

    People!! If you are thinking of getting a new connection, never go for sundirect.
    It will be cheap. But if you face any issue, its gone case.. all you can do is get one more connection..

  2. Sun direct DTH, the worse service ever faced. For the past two months none of the service is working and the customer service keep on telling the same stories satellite issue, satellite is down etc etc.

    Really don’t even dare to think about taking SUN Direct … the worst service … better go for any other service in the industry it will be far far better than this …

    • @ all who hate the customer service of Sun Direct:
      u will face same problems with other companies ,don’t think other companies will give better service
      new company with lot of customers = bad customer service
      old company with lot of customers = good customer service
      very old company with lot of customers = bad customer service

      • Chidambaram Iyer R says:

        Sun Direct Sucks a lot no proper channel music channel is removed sun music is of no use why this bloddy put seri seri from 9 to 11 music channel means play music and how much ads they run. Sun Direct have to increase Tamil channel and music Channel other wise soon Sun Direct will only at Maran’s Familys.

  3. veera reddy says:

    sun dth provide lowest prise but some channels are missing in basic packages. that is kids channels, english movies & entertaing ment channels, hindi channels, music channels, geographical channels & FM Channels. please provide atleast each catagori one channel. we are requesting provide above channels

  4. i can only tell that the experience with sun direct has been pathetic for the last few weeks…. When we call their customer support (I dont know whether it is their own or it is outsourced to some third rate party), we get the same standard words played back at us : Your problem will be resolved at the earliest ….

    Different people come online when we call the support and give the same line as the answer. We have been having issues in the lasst 1 month for not getting the entire Sun tv, Vijay tv etc. in our installation and till date even though we call them up everyday to register the complaint, NO ONE has come in and resolved it till date for the last 1 month.

    I heard from another source that this is primarily because that they are not paying the distributors and support people when they come and fix the problem to such an extent that they are loosing out the distributors and support people at a rapid rate. Maybe Mr. Maran is busy taking out all his money out from Sun Direct and divert it into his new investment – Spicejet airlines….

    The experience was very pleasant and positive till 3 months back for a duration of around 1 year but the last 3 months, I would rate it at around 1 on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest)

    A strong NO to go with SUN Direct but if you still want to go with it, do not say that nobody warned you in this forum…..

  5. G.S.Srinivasan says:

    I think Sun DTH is the very bad service in provider in India.

  6. sun dth has the worst customer support. they have fanatic policies .they have no option to view isayaruvi and jaya max etc.

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