Emma Watson

Emma Watson

Wondering how much those high ranking bollywood blogs make? Well dont worry because they are for sure making a lot less amount of money when compared to the health or tech bloggers from my personal experience for the period of last few years i have found that the Entertainment Blogs dont make much money. Here are a few statistics on this along with reasons why this happens.

In this article we are going to compare two different blogs which have almost similar amount of traffic but the levels of income is quite different and you will know why this happens. Generally in case of most niche you will find that the advertisers are trying to get sales to their products & services but in the case of Entertainment Industry ie Hollywood, Bollywood & Tollywood the advertisers mainly try to create a buzz in the industry and promote their brands to get awareness hence the budget would be high but the overall eCPM would still be low because they try to market the advertisements to a large volume of people.

I will show you the statistics of my mini website about which i had written few months back, along with updated stats for this year in order to make you understand whats the current revenue of the website and why i feel that its not really going to help me become rich.

Website Name : Bipasha Basu

Website Traffic Stats : 2009 Jan – Dec 10th

Website Awstats

Now for the whole year till Dec10th the website received around 83000 visitors and a total of 440000 Page-views. Google Adsense reported something else and there is no surprise in this because awstats are not totally accurate and here are the stats for Google Adsense for this website. Iam not allowed to post the screenshot of the stats or the exact details but i guess just giving the total page views and eCPM is no issue.

Google Adsense Stats

Google Adsense Stats

It clearly shows that i had a eCPM of 1-1.5$ from the above stats and the earning per click was 0.011$ which means that for every visitor who clicked on the Google Ad i was paid just around 1 cent, which is seriously very very less and this is the reason i would not recommend using Adsense, but opt for other methods listed below.

Now back to the one of my Tech Blog which also received around the same number of visitors but had a overall eCPM in google adsense of around 4.2$ which means that the same traffic but on a different niche made me make 4 times the income a Entertainment based website gave me. In order words its recommended to look out for other monetization methods if you are in this industry because the income would just stay limited.

Options for Entertainment Websites :

  • Go for CPA Programs, which would mean that you get paid for signups.
  • Implement wallpaper affiliate programs, where in the visitors would order large size posters of celebrities and you get easy commissions.
  • Implement the Best Google Adsense Ad Size which pays the highest & get good CTR
  • Implement CPM Advertisements which pay a fixed eCPM based on your Page Views.
  • Private Forums with Latest News of the Industry
  • Hire a Sales Team for getting Direct Advertisers
  • Run Intext Advertisements which give additional Income
  • Donations for making money invested on hosting account and site management
  • Audio & Video Ads which work well in this sector.

If you have a very well entertainment website, do let us know about it and we can help you in maximizing your revenue at our Help Desk.

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