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Infolinks and Echotopic are both Incontent Link Ads which means that these are the advertisements which appear as links hovering on the content of your websites and whenever a visitor would feel its a relevant link, they would click on it and you get paid for the same. Now lets discuss which of these programs is really good one and whom should you signup with.

Infolinks Logo

Infolinks Logo

Infolinks Review : Infolinks is a very old Incontent link ads company which has already got a good promotion among all the bloggers and most of them have signed up with them. The program displays advertisements which are normally in my experiance only from one of their biggest advertiser ie ‘’ and this does suck because you are just showing 1 ad on multiple links which are underlined and making all your blog visitors move to a matrimony website even though they are tech, health or career article readers. You get paid less than 0.50$ eCPM overall which is a really low paying feature and if you are loosing your blog readers for less than a cent, then you are losing a lot rather than gaining something. After a email conversation with the infolinks staff they upgraded my account to premium status but even after that i didnt see the eCPM to move upwards and this is when i felt having no ads is better than having the useless infolinks. The best days with Infolinks have paid me a maximum of 40$ but echotopic has shown many surprises which you can read below.

Echotopic Logo

Echotopic Logo

Echotopic Review: Echotopic is a division of TribalFusion, one of the Biggest CPM company which pays really good when compared to other networks. Based on this belief i found Echotopic advertisements in the month of April 2009 and applied for a new publisher account which was approved and i was offered with tags which had to be added near the content and also near the end of the body tags. In the beginning the Echotopic advertisements on this blogs were paying me 30-40$ every day consistently and this just started increasing with the income jumping quickly. In the month of May 2009 the revenues jumped more to even a day when i made 200$+ from Echotopic with the total income crossing 1800$. Iam sure the reason for this was the Limited number of Publishers at that stage and the high revenue share with the publishers. Echotopic was paying a very high % of the gross revenue which is very good when compared to Kontera and Infolinks which i guess dont pay even 25%.

Echotopic Revenue Stats

Echotopic Revenue Stats

If you are currently looking for signing up with these In Text Ad Networks i would recommend you to signup with Echotopic Ads because they are still lot better than Infolinks [period]. The bigger the website is the higher revenue you can make, and this applies to all along with the location of the readers because US/UK based readers would mean more revenue overall.

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  1. Robin Chugh says:

    My question is simple.

    You recommend echotopics over Kontera or Infolinks. And you are using Kontera. I dont understand that.

    As per my experience, Infolinks pays more than Kontera and I have never used echotopics so far.

    • Amit Bhawani says:

      I have been trying each of these and currently Kontera is paying good, hence have kept their ads on the block

  2. So amit does that mean that kontera is paying better than echolinks?

  3. hey thanks for sharing this.Please tell me the waiting time to recieve the payments.For example if i reach threshold 50$ in 30 july 2010,when will i get paid??????

  4. how much traffic per day for that amount of earning, Amit?

  5. Echotopic has always paid better to me than Infolinks for every click, and the clickthrough rate is also pretty good. Infolinks has been very low with everything, and their ads have been making the site pretty slow.

  6. yes, echotopic has better earning, but it is also more difficult to be accepted.

  7. Can anyone tell me if its safe to use adsense with echotopic or infolinks?

  8. I have already infolinks account and using it since last 1yr. I also feel very low eCPM. Just applied in echotopic. Lets wait and watch how it will work..

    BTW, thanks Amit for sharing a good info with us.

  9. i have one question.can anyone apply for both

  10. Thanks a lot for this useful information , this will help me a lot in my progress !

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