Amit Bhawani Google Blog SearchThis question was regularly asked – History of this blog, how many visitors i get & what are my plans. Here is a small answer to the same. First of all i started a personal blog at a .info domain name ie ‘’ which was just going fine and was kind of a mfa[made for adsense] site. While the last seo meet organized by me in New Delhi – India i thought of going for a new domain name which would be a .com , brandable and something which can be a kind of portfolio website.

I registered the domain name on my birthday and started the blog on 04-04-2007 and added a total of 3 blog posts within the first week which includes a happy birthday, seo meet story & Tips for Getting Quick Visitors from Search Engines. If you see the WayBackMachine web archive results for this domain name it would show that this blog was updatd around once a week and we didnt have a lot of content, but i used to write some random stuff in order to update this blog with different topics.

Amit Bhawani UpdatesIn the beginning i use to blog about some personal topics and reviews of some products & services i used but didnt go for professional blogging because i didnt believe a personal domain name would reach a huge audience and i wanted to make sure that the other projects i was working on would reach the top and i tried to ignore this blog, but in October 2007 when i recieved around 9000 visitors i felt that this blog has now started ranking for some content which was posted months back and i guess its the right time now to start working on this.

From Nov 2007, i seriously started blogging at and by the month end saw a 3x increase in the traffic. I was into many other business like Web Development, Search Engine Optimization & Web Hosting. Hence, i didnt have much idea on how to quickly gain blog readers except getting top search engine rankings and gaining organic traffic. I tried to optimize the blog to the best and maintain top search rankings in order to gain a lot of free traffic and was slowly getting successful in these experiments.

Blog Traffic Amit Bhawani

By the end of 2007 this blog started recieving around 1500 visitors every day, though the feed readers were very less because the most traffic was from search engines ie completely free and no investment. With the gain in traffic, i started setting up feedburner email subscription options and also other feed readers options for the blog readers to easily subscribe to this blog and recieve the latest updates. The FeedBurner Subscription box was setup on 07-09-2007 with just 3 readers and at the end of the year 2007 this blog had a total of , not such a big number but still we should be happy with the results you get.

Blog Feed Readers 2007 End :
Feed Readers Amit Bhawani 2007

By the beginning of 2008, i started writing reviews of several web services, internet tools, laptop guides, mobile phone & digital camera reviews and tried to setup a blog which had a wide variety of information along with some tech news. Slowly the traffic started increasing along with the feed readers and this gave me a idea to get a custom blog design which i got inspired by another blog and implemented the design, after few days i recieved multiple complaints on going for a lighter theme, which was activated.

Blog Feed Readers 2008 November 15 :
Feed Readers Amit Bhawani 2008

Now after around a years time of serious blogging, you can see that the blog has reached almost to my targets of high traffic, high amount of subscribers and many mentions around the web and also in offline media. This blog was mentioned month back in Times of India – Pune Edition, Eenadu Newspaper and in many blog meets. The subscribers have been growing on an average of around 50 readers every day from the past 4 months and by 2009 end iam sure this blog would cross 20000 readers who mainly subscribe to this blog using email subscription form and get the updates regularly.

This blog now recieved xxxxx visitors everyday and has multiple blogs with a total readership soon to reach 5 digits in total. The Traffic is also increasing with every passing month and you can see the more traffic you get the better revenue you can expect from a blog and i hope this blog reaches 4 Digits Alexa rank by the end of 2008 year.

Traffic Stats 2008 Amit Bhawani

Our Company : We run 2 companies ie Digital World Solutions[Web Development + Seo Company] & HostBrains Softwares Pvt Ltd with a team of 9 which handles all our different websites & blogs and from 2009 we would be launching 50 serious blog on multiple topics and try to achieve all our targets in a planned manner. Our team includes Content Writers who write for our network of blogs , Trained Professional SEO team who handle the SEO part and Content Management Guys who look over all the blogs in terms of setting up schedules, updating the content, managing and upgrading regularly. If you are interested in setting up serious blogs then you can always contact us and get professional services, because you never lose money when you invest online unlike offline business, because in offline business you can expect 5-50% maximum returns , but in Online ventures you can always expect 100%-1000% return with your website’s becoming your assets.

Do let me know if you run a blog and are looking for different ideas and also ways for increasing your traffic, we are always happy to help you out and also offer free suggestions but only if you are going to believe us and implement them.

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