You have started a blog after reading and getting inspired by other bloggers and want to give a try by making money from blogging? Its not really easy as it looks because you need to have some basic requirements before you can become a professional blogger.

The first thing would be to understand what is blogging, advantages of it, how to use the CMS, how to make changes in the design part, how to monetize it with the basic income programs, how to make sure the basic SEO steps are adapted etc. Without the knowledge of all this stuff you should not get started into web-blogging because without a real good plan and knowledge you cannot continue your blogging plan and will stop in the middle and try to dump this idea. Instead start getting the basic knowledge from different blog glossary websites like the Make Money Next which offers you detailed information about all the blogging related words.

Once you have leart and got a idea about how to start blogging you should go for selecting a valuable domain name which can have a better resale value even if a blog is not developed and can be easily remembered by anyone and does not have any general typo options or else make sure you register all the related typo’s for this blogging domain name.

Start with around 10-20 posts of content which are in the size of around 500 words each in general or some pillar articles and post them on your blog and make sure you ping these posts with google blog search and using wordpress ping list

Once you manage to complete these basic steps you need to start creating google sitemaps & yahoo sitemaps because they can help the search engine find out all the pages and posts on your blog. You should also make sure that you generate robots.txt file.

When you start blogging you should make sure you have selected the most searched keywords and based on this analysis you should start writing your blog posts. The Content part is very important section of your blogging project because if you got the right content then you get better success. While writing blog posts you should start a introduction of the article, body part with the most content in this part followed by the end part of the article with a conclusion, though this kind of format suits for a pillar posts kind of articles which are very big in size.

The next important aim would be to implement the search engine optimization which you can do using SEO Softwares or manual job by applying different link building tools and making sure you dont over do it and get banned in the search engines. If your blog is very new you should not start doing heavy link building because it can have a long term negative effect and make you lose a lot over gains.

Make Money Online BloggingThe final part of this article would be amount making money from your blogging venture and this is a very important aspect because you need to wait for a certain stage before you start showing/stuffying ads on your blog. Depending on your blog goals you can plan out the right time before adding adverts on your blog. The most important aspect would be to add ads on your blog once you cross getting 500 uniques/day or 5000 page impressions/day because at that stage your blog gets a real life and you can find a future for it. Stop reading other make money online blogs because as i told you guys last time No One Helps you to Make Money Online and you should always try to be a self-inspired practical guy who works more and tries to read less, implements more and dreams less.

If you do have any doubts related to getting started into blogging do let me know and i would be happy in helping you out!

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